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STAMM: Winner of Zalando Sustainability Award for Innovative and Sustainable Fashion

STAMM, the renowned sustainable fashion brand, has recently garnered attention for its innovative and genderless designs. Winner of the prestigious Zalando Sustainability Award, STAMM combines expressive and shape-shifting aesthetics with a conscious mindset. With a focus on sustainable materials and practices, they are redefining good design in the contemporary fashion industry. Join the fashion movement towards eco-friendly and conscious fashion with STAMM's inspiring collections, recognized by industry leaders and experts. Experience the future of sustainable fashion, where innovation, positive change, and unity collide to create limitless possibilities.

Annika Duda

Spring Streetwear Trends 2023: Graphic Tees, Bomber Jackets & More | TITLE Guide

The latest spring fashion and streetwear favorites, including graphic tees, bomber jackets, jerseys, and the must-have trench coat. Go on a shopping spree and explore standout brands like Life is Unfair, Nancy, and Supreme, with designs featuring the Statue of Liberty, Timberland, and T-Rex. Embrace the bloke core trend with Palace's hockey jersey inspired by Phillies Blunt and collaborations with Futura2000 and Stash.

Caiza Andresen

The Awe-Inspiring World of Couture: Highlights from Fashion Week

The lavish and experimental world of couture fashion shows, where Schiaparelli's collection, led by Daniel Roseberry, received both praise and criticism. Explore the paradox of sustainability highlighted by RDVK and the intricate manual work showcased in Rahul Mishra's splendorous embroideries. Viktor & Rolf's collection embodies irony and 3D technology, while Dior pays homage to Josephine Baker's iconic style. Yuima Nakazato's shimmering fabrics and Ronald Van Der Kemp's sustainable glamor redefine fashion. Embark on a cosmic journey with Rahul Mishra's celestial-inspired designs. Discover the captivating allure of these remarkable creations.

Alejandra Espinosa

Fashion Trends, Cultural Events & It Brands: Predicting 2023’s Fashion Landscape

Explore the latest fashion trends, cultural events, and It brands shaping the 2023 fashion landscape. From the rise of Miu Miu and Loewe to J.W. Anderson's boundary-pushing designs, discover innovative styles that push the limits. Embrace age-defying beauty trends, futuristic fashion elements, and the revival of galaxy print. Dive into colorful tights, stylish earmuffs, and winter fashion statements. Stay updated with fashion forecasts and get inspired by virtual fashion influencers, bloggers, and magazines. Step into 2023 with a bold and chic wardrobe, complete with statement accessories.

Annika Duda

Are Supermodels Still Relevant in the Era of Social Media and Influencers?

Supermodels, fashion icons, and the allure of the catwalks. From the 80s to the 90s, names like Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, and Naomi Campbell ruled the industry. But in the age of social media and influencers, do supermodels still hold their ground? Explore the rise of Instagram baddies, the impact of nepotism, and the evolving fashion scene. Discover the power of iconic models and their association with renowned designers and photographers. Learn about the changing dynamics of the advertising industry and the allure of prestigious campaigns. Join us on a journey through the glamorous past and the uncertain future of supermodels.

Annika Duda