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Foreigners Everywhere: The Paradox of the Venice Biennale and the Urgency for Action Beyond Representation

The Venice Art Biennale, one of the most prestigious art exhibitions in the world since the late 19th century, serves as a grand stage for modern and contemporary art. However, it also exposes the contradictions within the art world, especially regarding the climate and humanitarian crisis and global displacement. As we engage with the Biennale’s […]

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The Origins of Catholic Core – Jean Paul Gaultier S/S couture 2007

The use of Catholic iconography, borrowed from the centuries-long history of religious art, in fashion is as captivating as it is controversial. But the marriage between these two cultural entities goes way further back than the #catholiccore mood boards, with one of its original catwalk moments tracing all the way back to 2007: that year Jean Paul Gaultier S/S couture fashion show.

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To bimbo or not to bimbo? An analysis of TikTok’s newest feminist figure

The time of the girl boss is dead and the era of the bimbo has arrived. But is she really the queer, abolitionist, anti-capitalist figure we need her to be? While the bimbo offers a refreshing change from the lean-in, profit hungry, Kim Ks of the world, this figure’s political status may be more ambivalent than its proponents profess. Are we pro-bimbo? Yes, no, and maybe. Find the full read in bio or head to our homepage.

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