STAMM: Winner of Zalando Sustainability Award for Innovative and Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Practices and Special Aesthetics

What defines good design in today’s era? Is it extravagant silhouettes, a clever reflection of the current cultural climate, refined essentials, or a combination of all these elements? One brand that effortlessly balances this mix is STAMM. Despite being a newcomer, this young brand has already garnered attention. During Copenhagen Fashion Week, STAMM showcased its genderless collection designed for “longevity,” emphasizing sustainable fabrics and materials in every design. Recognizing this commitment to both style and sustainable practices, Zalando awarded the brand with the Zalando Sustainability Award.

Creative Director Elisabet Stamm expressed her excitement and motivation upon winning the Zalando Sustainability Award, stating, “This award is a significant achievement for our young brand. We strive to blend innovation, diversity, and aesthetics with a conscious mindset. Being part of such an influential platform allows us to network with leading companies and industry experts, expanding our reach and furthering our positive impact. Additionally, I hope to inspire others to create something meaningful, breaking free from conventional patterns of action.”

The competition aims to raise awareness among fashion brands about more sustainable alternatives in garment production, encouraging new strategies for a less polluting fashion industry and aligning with Zalando’s ‘do.More’ strategy.

We had the opportunity to speak with Elisabeth Stamm about the future of sustainable fashion. When asked to describe her brand’s aesthetics, she characterized it as expressive, shape-shifting, and exchanging.

How would you describe the aesthetics of your brand?

Expressive, shape-shifting and exchanging.

Talking sustainability: You just won the Zalando Sustainability Award! What do you think still needs to happen in the fashion industry to make sustainable thinking the norm?

It is a dream to see an industry shifting from what it can gain, to how it can contribute. I’ve experienced a positive change in terms of industry leaders coming together to share both experiences and knowledge. In a marketplace, there will always be competition, but in today’s world there are challenges which demand people come together and inspire each other and lead conversations. 

With STAMM we have founded a brand which functions across borders in a time where many seek safety and homeland. We believe in the power of synergy, coming together and joining forces. It’s not always the easy and straightforward road, but it is valuable and full of perspective. Ten years ago people in Europe would speak of how much they could ‘get’ from India or China for how little and how fast. Now I’m experiencing a shift of wanting to highlight anything local and self-invented.

What steps do you still want to take for a more sustainable future?

With STAMM I dream of creating a platform for worlds and talents with knowledge to collide. I don’t find the most beauty at my own doorstep or even my neighbors, I see beauty in foreign cultures and exchange, and it is a dream to inspire young people to stay open and make the journey, because beyond community there is unity. 

You got the opportunity to develop a collection together with Zalando. What opportunities do you take from this?

Being a part of the Zalando Sustainability Award is a tremendous opportunity for STAMM as a newly established brand. We find ourselves in a collaborative positive situation where we have a chance to show our work in the most relevant context. 

It is a synergy of everything we have worked on being recognised by a platform that supports and encourages forward thinking and positive change. Establishing a brand during a pandemic and post-pandemic has come from a place of light and we believe this will bring and unite both clothes and spirit. Being a finalist has given motivation to everyone contributing to the brand. 

What can we expect from the brand in the future?

We are working step by step on bringing across purposeful stories from people who strive to make a difference, whether that is our handspun natural dyed fabrics or expressive genderfluid fashion. The dream is to experience the world as an open field of possibilities.