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The Impact of Social Media on Teenagers: How Online Platforms Shape Interactions and Behaviors

The impact of social media on teenagers and how online platforms shape their interactions and behaviors. Explore the changing landscape of tween culture influenced by beauty influencers. Unveil the rise of online influence and its effects on pre-teens and teens. Navigate the challenges of adolescence in the digital age, understanding the power of social media on identity. From traditional magazines to TikTok, witness the transformation of tween media in the digital era. Gain insights into the struggles faced by teens in the online world and the psychological implications of social media.

Annika Duda

The End of Journalism as We Know It? The Role of Independent Media and Podcasts

The shifting landscape of print journalism in Germany, as historic moments unfold. Gruner&Jahr's austerity course and Axel Springer's digital-only focus mark a potential end. Nostalgia competes with closure surprises, leaving homeless journalists questioning the uncertain future. Embrace the renaissance of independent magazines, collectible and shareable, covering diverse topics with maverick editorial attitude and high design values. Explore the rise of podcasts, offering long-form, on-demand content accessible anytime, anywhere. Podcasts revolutionize journalism, providing a screen-free, on-the-go experience. Stay informed with captivating audio journeys and expect more podcast suggestions on Spotify.

Annika Duda

Cringe and Cheugy – Why do we despise the mainstream?

The social girl era, overcome social anxiety, enjoy get-togethers in your new flat. Create mood boards, meticulously design your aesthetic. The power of a glass desk and a perfect coffee table. Individuality versus mainstream, explore good taste in fashion and interiors. Discover Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd. Choose Italian Giallo or French New Wave. Make a bold style statement with an undercut or go for the timeless bald look. Elevate your fashion game with mom jeans or vintage GMBH. Unleash your true self and embrace the joy of being unique.

Annika Duda