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Ugly Beauty: Reclaiming Beauty or Just Another Fad?

Anti-beauty feels for many like rejecting the male gaze and male-informed beauty standards. But what does unconventional makeup such as unkempt, odd and club-kid looks mean in a time when youth and perfection seem to be everyone’s concern if not destiny? While the trend ‘ugly beauty’ may not reclaim beauty from the male gaze, it does create room for re-evaluating what beauty looks and feels like in an over-saturated world of ideals of perfection.

Alejandra Espinosa

Body Hair and Empowerment: Embracing Choice in a Shaving-Obsessed Society

The power of embracing body hair choices and celebrating diversity. Challenge societal beauty standards and patriarchal norms through body positivity movements. Explore the historical significance of body hair and its journey from ancient symbolism to modern acceptance. Join the movement towards self-expression and liberation, breaking free from societal constraints. Embrace natural beauty, defy stereotypes, and celebrate the diversity of bodies.

Alejandra Espinosa

From Fluffy to Bleached: Unveiling the Must-Try Eyebrow Trends of 2023

IGet ready for the ultimate brow show in 2023! Explore the resurgence of eyebrow trends, from bleached and fluffy brows to pencil-thin lines. Discover how FKA twigs and other influencers have shaped the beauty sphere. From straight-across to microblading, we delve into the diverse world of brow styling, offering tutorials, products, and treatments to help you achieve your desired look. Join the brow obsession and embrace the power of eyebrow transformations. Stay ahead of the curve with the hottest beauty trends of 2023!

Alejandra Espinosa