Fashion Trends, Cultural Events & It Brands: Predicting 2023’s Fashion Landscape

Fashion, Culture and Trends: What’s to come in 2023

Welcome to the new year! As we bid farewell to popular trends, memorable fashion moments, and pop culture highlights of the past, it’s time to explore the exciting possibilities that 2023 holds for expanding our personal fashion horizons. In this article, we’ll predict the upcoming fashion trends, cultural events, and It brands that will dominate the scene this year.

Fashion Brands Taking the Lead:

After witnessing Gucci and Balenciaga’s reign in recent years, Miu Miu took center stage in 2022. However, it appears that Loewe might capture the hearts of fashion aficionados this year, potentially becoming the new favorite.

J.W. Anderson’s Innovative Designs:

J.W. Anderson has embraced a new element of provocation in his work since the pandemic, elevating the fashion ante and leaving his audience captivated. His latest collection for SS23 immersed viewers in a 90s fantasy gaming world, featuring pixelated illusions reminiscent of Minecraft and stunning fiberglass anthurium flowers. Anderson continues to push boundaries with his experimentation of fiberglass, metal, and mixed designs. Minecraft’s pixelated illusion appears twice throughout the collection, “suddenly breaking the previous form” as well as the connection of the virtual world to human life. The designer continues to expand the boundaries of his designs.  

Beauty and Makeup Reinvented:

In 2023, creatives will push the boundaries of beauty and makeup, redefining the symbolism of age and aging. Grey hair, once seen on Julia Fox, is making a comeback. Embracing our natural greys will be a trend, but we’ll also explore the art of faking it with glosses, tints, and dyes. Additionally, eyeshadow palettes will embrace grey-ish hues, providing an effortless and carefree 90s-inspired “rockstar girlfriend” aesthetic.

This season we will definitely see a continuation of women embracing their grey hair,” says James Pryce, expert master stylist at Larry King Salon.

Futuristic Fashion Elements:

Get ready for futuristic elements to dominate the upcoming catwalks. Look out for floating metal accessories, glasses, and headdresses, creating an alien-esque aesthetic reminiscent of Spock’s distinctive features and futuristic nostalgia.

The Return of Galaxy Print:

Galaxy Print, a trend from the 2010s that took us to distant galaxies, is set to make a comeback in 2023. Kim Jones, with his Dior Menswear show AW23, revitalized this trend by partnering with NASA to create hyperoptic galaxy prints on leggings, bombers, anoraks, and roll necks. Ancient Egypt’s fascination with astronomy also inspired the collection, resulting in an extraordinary fusion of past and future.

Colorful Tights:

A Retro Revival: Following the popularity of Kim Kardashian’s “Skims” and shape-wear in 2022, it’s time to introduce colorful tights into the mix. As ’80s and ’90s aesthetics experience a resurgence, embracing bold shades becomes a grown-up style statement. Consider tights as an integral part of your outfit, prioritizing their stylistic potential over functionality.

Winter Update:

Stylish Earmuffs: Retro and vintage over-ear headphones were a must-have accessory last season, but this winter, earmuffs take the spotlight. Opt for black, fluffy Goldbergh earmuffs or pearl-colored pairs from Lele Sadoughi to complement your winter outfits. Earmuffs not only keep your ears warm but also add a chic touch to your bundled-up look.

In 2023, fashion enthusiasts can look forward to Loewe’s rise, J.W. Anderson’s boundary-pushing designs, beauty’s new symbolism of age, futuristic fashion elements, the return of Galaxy Print, colorful tights, and stylish earmuffs. It’s a year that combines nostalgia with innovation, allowing you to express your unique style and make a statement. Embrace the trends, explore your creativity, and make 2023 a fashionable year to remember.