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From Fluffy to Bleached: Unveiling the Must-Try Eyebrow Trends of 2023

IGet ready for the ultimate brow show in 2023! Explore the resurgence of eyebrow trends, from bleached and fluffy brows to pencil-thin lines. Discover how FKA twigs and other influencers have shaped the beauty sphere. From straight-across to microblading, we delve into the diverse world of brow styling, offering tutorials, products, and treatments to help you achieve your desired look. Join the brow obsession and embrace the power of eyebrow transformations. Stay ahead of the curve with the hottest beauty trends of 2023!

Alejandra Espinosa

Naezrah Desir: A Make-Up Artist Redefining Artistic Expression and Representation

Her smile glistens at me, with gemstones on her teeth. A colourgon blending into eyelids. Naezrah Desir is the Make-Up artist who instruments her living avatar. Magnifying characters through fiction, nature and mythology. A fairy and nymph series with Kellan – ´the fairy of immortality and peace´, who was gifted with psychokinesis and telekinetic abilities. With a voice beyond Make-Up, Naezrah uses her platform to start conversations and elevate BIPOC and LGBTQAI+ artists in the industry.

Mimi Langenstein