Moving Towards Zero Waste: Nike’s Partnership with TITLE Magazine for VaporMax 2021

Embracing Sustainability with the Nike VaporMax X TITLE(D)

Next to ever-changing trends, sustainability seems to transform our current zeitgeist and future-oriented mindsets. Moving forward and innovation are not only assets for the fashion industry, but very personal goals for us at TITLE Magazine.

For the project we are announcing today we’d like to introduce you to our newest format idea: TITLE(D). TITLE(D) is our very first print version and will be functioning as a physical zine full of inspiring content related to sustainability and the future of fashion, lifestyle, art, and more. Forget repetitive and annoying email newsletters, and don’t miss out on this special project launching on 12 September. Click HERE to pre-order a (FREE) physical copy of our first-ever issue of TITLE(D). We will have 300 in stock -so first come, first serve.

And because we focused so much on sustainable aspects within this project, we partnered up with Nike once again. It seems like the perfect timing, Nike has recently announced its latest round of sustainable sneakers made from recycled materials. The VaporMax 2021 will be their most eco-friendly model so far. The shoe is part of its Move To Zero initiative, the popular sneaker brand’s “journey” towards zero carbon and zero waste. It features a full-length VaporMax Nike Air unit from heel to toe made with about 50 percent recycled materials. The outsole incorporates Nike Grind, which is a collection of recycled materials originating from manufacturing scrap, unsellable products, and worn-out sneakers that would have otherwise entered the waste stream. The simplified upper part helps minimize material waste in the tooling with at least 20 percent recycled content.

Together with our wonderful protagonist Canel we elaborated a story about innovation, re-thinking old processes, and breaking boundaries. Much like Nike is on a mission to change industry standards, Canel embodies empowerment, body-positivity, and naturality. The timeless VaperMax trainer made from at least 40 percent recycled materials by weight met Canel’s raw elegance and strong attitude at the perfect time and place.

Canel Ataman is a 25-year-old Turkish woman who was born and raised in West- Germany. She studies Turkology, Turkish history, and culture, and inspires about 26 thousand people with her empowering content on Instagram. As a model, influencer, and artist, Canel explores all opportunities within her chosen hometown Berlin and explains to us that her freedom derives from her diversity. What her favorite thing about sneakers is and how she embraces sustainability in her personal lifestyle you will be able to read soon in the first issue of TITLE(D).

With the launch of the VaporMax 2021, Nike’s most sustainable shoe model, and our soon-to-be-launched zine TITLE(D), we want to show that we value our environment and that embracing sustainability is possible in so many diverse ways. Making conscious decisions, repurposing and recycling materials, and re-thinking outdated structures are essential for a better future. And we want to be part of it! Do you?

For more information on Nike’s Move To Zero initiative and the new VaporMax 2021 click HERE.