Free-foot culture: Three sandals you should wear NOW or … NEXT YEAR

Some of you may wonder what this is all about. The summer Is coming to an end and I’m doing a guide about sandals now of all times. We only have a short time left where the sun will shine on our feet. Maybe one or the other person is not really prepared yet and would like to get the right shoes. Who knows? Maybe it is the sandal that will survive several summer seasons .

At this point it should also be mentioned that the dull days of sandals are over. You’ve probably seen older couples wearing their uncool sandals with socks in summer, as if it were their second layer of feet. You might think they are the pioneers of sandals. But nowadays there are so many brands that have made sandals just cool with their various cuts, colours and textures, which is why it’s not so easy nowadays to buy a sandal that fits the person perfectly. The market is so saturated that there is also a lot of rubbish, which is not at all accompanied by the price-performance ratio. In this guide I introduce you to my favourite sandals, from well-known brands that deserve to be worn for some summer seasons. And beyond that.

Dr. Martens Soloman Strap Sandals

The British company, which originally had one of its first manufactories inMunich and was subsequently licensed in England by Bill Giggs (Dr.Martens founder), is not only known for its leather craftsmanship for boots. In the course of time changes take place and one tries to adapt to the public. Today we live in an era where it is actually possible that a brand like Dr.Martens, which focuses on boots and derbies, produces sandals that look quite good and are very comfortable at the same time. I can testify to this very well, as Dr. Martens equipped me with a pair. With a price of 135€ it falls into the middle price segment and is therefore not the cheapest sandal. However, if you want to buy a sandal that is durable, valuable and good looking – you should definitely snap it up until the season is over. With an all white outfit to go with the sandals, you are not only the highlight in church.

Reebok Beatnik Sandals

Reebok is known for giving sneakers a grade that will stand the test of time . They are not “simple” sneakers in the sense that they are circulating in the already crowded market, but sophisticated trainers that are omnipresent. Good examples of these silhouettes are Pump Fury, Workout, Classic Leather, Question Mid, Shaqnosis and Exofit.

Classics do not necessarily have to be sturdy shoes, as you are used to. Reebok looked back into the past with one eye and made use of its archives. And with the other eye, they had a firm grasp of trends and watched the direction in which fashion was moving.

So it was only a matter of time before the Beatnik Sandals would become relevant again. Originally they came out in the 90s. At that time, the outdoor aesthetic became more and more popular, especially in Japan. At some point the production was scrapped. However, the demand for Beatniks Sandals remained  extremely high. Finally, after three decades, Reebok brought the Beatniks Sandals back on the market, in cooperation with BEAMS and Needles. The latest Beatnik collaboration is with PLEASURES and was released on July 31st.

With the Cordura Pack Reebok celebrates the comeback of the beatnik sandals. The price of €120f or sandals sounds far too much for now. But quality defines the price. The Cordurasurface is robust and wears less.The same applies to the sole, which reminds of shark teeth. The unconventional shape of the sole also ensures low wear and tear and may last longer than a pair of classic sneakers.

The beatniks can be combined just as well as a sneaker. If you like it loose and airy on the top, you’ll be fine with a print mesh top that could be from Stüssy and a simple black trouser .


Some people have certainly heard of the Suicoke brand. Over the last few years, they have made an incredibly big name for themselves with out taking advantage oft he fame of great designers. Foundedi n 2006, the shoe brand made itself so rare in their niche that they took a monopoly position with their luxurious sandals .

With a price of 220€ the MOTO-VS sandal is also pompous. Everyone who loves to spend a little more money on clothes will love this sandal. The materials are extremely high quality. Especially the Vibram sole, which is included in every Suicoke sandal.

The MOTO-VSiseasy to combine thanks to its black elegance. Depending on which mood you are in,nyou can wear it with colourful or dark outfits. I recommend a completely black outfit, which can be worn for any occasion. Best with trousers with a very wide leg, which could be from Acne Studios, and a dark t-shirt, which is cropped and oversized. On Weekday there are always some to find.