Underrated Series: Sharp Objects – presented by TITLE’s Underground

In this section we warmly recommend some existing series that did not make it to the mainstream. Of course, that doesn’t make them any less good. On the contrary, especially for friends of the underrated, one or the other exciting staging should be there. 

This section will open with the HBO series “Sharp Objects” published in 2018. The miniseries was announced in advance with a limited number of episodes. Which is why only one season was released and no second is planned. The plot of the series is based on the debut novel by Gillian Flynn.

Ein Bild, das Person, Frau, Mädchen, jung enthält.Automatisch generierte Beschreibung

“DIRT” is written on her pelvic, “FRAUD” is written on her back. “DISAPPEARING” blazes on her right forearm. Camille covered almost every inch of her skin in large block letters. But there are no tattoos that adorn her, Camille has carved the words into her own flesh. She hides these messages to herself under long sleeves and pant legs. When she sees a part of her body in the mirror, she looks away, ashamed. The main protagonist, Camille Preaker, is a crime reporter and has just come out of a psychiatric stay due to self-harm. She didn’t seem to get rid of her obvious drinking problem there. After a serial murder of little girls in her hometown of Wind Gap, Missouri, the journalist returns home and is confronted with old fools. The character of Camille Preaker is examined in detail in the series. Right at the beginning you notice her fragility and her indifferent, almost depressed attitude. Amy Adams doesn’t embody any stereotypical American female character here. Rather, as a viewer, one has the urge to have to solve this mystery in person as well as the criminal case itself.

The desolate small town mood is underlined with several short flashbacks in Camille’s childhood. Camille reminds many of them of her deceased half-sister, who was adored by her mother Adora. The relationship between Adora and Camille, on the other hand, is obviously a disturbed one. They barely talk to each other or confront each other with trivialities or simply cannot stand the mutual presence. This primal and deep-seated form of family hatred was played out so accurately by actresses Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson that there was no doubt that something very disturbing must have happened between both oft hem in the past. With each subsequent episode, the oppressive feeling takes shape that the subject of rape and violence against women has a long tradition in Camille’s hometown. Together with Detective Willis, Camille tries to get to the bottom of the murders of girls and is exposed to the darkest corners of her frightening past. 

Despite the gloom and dreariness of the scenery, the series manages to preserve a certain aesthetic, which is mainly characterized by the small detail shots. Camille’s little vodka bottles that she lined up on the edge of her bathtub every time she took a drunk bath. The iconic, desperate smoke scenes or painful flashbacks as well as the scenes of subtle self-harm by a sewing needle are simply beautifully implemented. The tension level does not subside until the last episode and especially your own identification with the main protagonist leaves you amazed. The empathy that arises for her is generated by Adam’s outstanding acting performance and sets this series apart from other thriller series through its excellent character development. 

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