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A dystopian idea of a distant future. People are unable to see the sun or enjoy nature – everything is too filthy, smoggy and polluted. But they have the need to refuel with vitamin D, to survive. Despite everything, they still have kind of a romantic longing for nature, visible through their look. 

Salka wears a longsleeve by Marine Serre, dress by Joana Christina, jewelry by Ayscha Zarina Omar and vintage shoes
Jóhanna wears vintage shoes and Mundu Mig Jewelry

CYBER is an Icelandic, experimental hip hop and electronic band with only female members. They stand out with their unique style, their varied changeability and their unmistakable sound. These women are storytellers – let yourself be captivated by their very personal apocalypse. 

CYBER delivers the appropriate end of the world soundtrack with their latest single “Caprisun”. You can find it on all streaming platforms. 

Jóhana wears a bikini top by Joana Christna Salka wears also a bikini top by Joana Christina and jewelry by Ayscha Zarina Omar
Jóhanna wears a body by puma x htw by Anna Nischwitz and jewelry by Ayscha Zarina Omar and Mundu Mig

Talents: Jóhanna Rakel and Salka Valsdóttir from CYBER

Photographer: Margrét Unnur Guðmundsdóttir 

Creative Direction and Styling: Julius Rueckert

Styling Assistance: Joana Christina

Hair and Make Up: Marie Keiler

Special thanks to Sunshine Sonnenstudio – Residenzstraße 151