Alternative Realities with Denis Goec

Making fashion, in a more conventional sense, is something Denis learned early on in life. At the young age of 15 when he was still in school he started helping out and working at various Berlin labels. Later he embarked on a trip to India to learn embroidery techniques

Pursuing his passion, he started studying fashion design at the Kunsthochschule Weißensee in 2016. Around the same time he also founded Maison Taskin. To Denis, Maison Taskin isn’t only a brand, but a universe in which he can test out different concepts and let ideas mature. Currently he is working in Paris, at the Metiers d’Art.

Denis’ work is mostly about dissolving boundaries: social roles, our bodies, physical and virtual identities which he translates into his projects. Denis is almost always busy, devoting himself to many projects in various mediums. His devotion to all types of mediums comes from his belief that fashion works with mechanisms and needs that are much more abstract than physical garment. For this reason he’s expanded his approach to fashion to a digital level as well.

Wearing Louis Vuitton by Virgil Abloh
Wearing Gucci and Loewe

wearing Fendi and Alexander Mcqueen

“The physical and virtual worlds are in constant interaction, although the latter can be understood as a space without boundaries. Any future projections and fantasies can already be experienced there, (almost) independently of physical resources, time and space. So it is up to our imagination to make use of this potential.”

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Exclusively for our Alternative Reality art series, he has digitally created an editorial of beautiful images with life-like people draped in designer clothes. The models are seen wearing a Gucci blazer, Fendi shoes, and Alan Crocetti jewelry on a sand landscape.

[14:40, 16.8.2020] Luisa Title: At first sight the images are intriguing because you can’t be sure if what you are looking like is real or not. The physique of the bodies seem very natural and the fashion is provocative, but the faces have a glossy unnatural sheen on them. In his digital art, Denis plays with the fact that the viewer can’t tell if the images are real or not and the digital abstraction makes you look twice.

wearing Fendi and Loewe
wearing Alan Crocetti and Gucci

Created by Denis Goec

Directed by Neslihan Degerli

Styling by Neslihan Degerli

Produced by avec nous Berlin