Toxic masculinity got its own movie on Netflix and it’s worse than this already sounds

Technically, a movie like “365 Days” should be punished with ignorance as ignorance is bliss – but as “365 Days” made it to the Top 3 all over Europe thanks to its massive presence on Tik Tok here’s a trigger warning as this movie is one of the most disgusting representation of toxic masculinity which justifies and glorifies rape and abuse.

The plot of “365 Days” sounds like someone accidentally uploaded their movie to Netflix instead of PornHub: A mafia mob boss kidnaps a woman and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him. Of course the movie confuses love with Stockholm syndrome, a condition in which hostages develop a psychological alliance with their captors during intimate time to cope with the situation. Whoever thought that this would be an ideal setting for a kinky erotic drama hopefully took into account that this setting would be perfect for any torture horror movie if the guy would be broke. But as he’s rich as fuck he deserves to fuck whether the woman likes it or not – because sooner or later she will start to enjoy, at least in the disgusting logic of the script.

365 days targets the exact same audience as borefests like 50 Shades of Grey and it also based on a best-selling-novels (which includes the threat of upcoming sequels). But whereas 50 Shades of Grey at least had a fully drawn out scene discussing consent 365 Days screams toxic masculinity all over the place.

Every attempt in building up sexual tension results in dialogue lines like “I’m gonna fuck you so hard that they will hear you scream in Warsaw” and makes any audience whether this is just some BDSM fanfic stolen from Tumblr or Wattpad. “365 Days” is basically just misogynistic softcore porn with every trope you instinctively feel wrong but with a lousier script and worse soundtrack. Avoid it for your own salvation – and if you now feel tempted because it sounds like “this is so bad, it might actually be a guilty pleasure cringefest”: No, not even that.