Xavier Codie Robinson: art that creates warmth.

With his pictures he takes people on a journey to “nowhere”, with his poems on a journey inside. Xavier Codie’s creative energy flows into all areas of life so he earns his money mainly with video production and modeling. Xavier is not someone who limits himself, but is always curious to discover and acquire new forms of expression.

With TITLE he spoke about the power of words and atmosphere.

When did you start photographing?

I discovered my long love for photography when I was 10-11 years old. My mom got me a little camera, it was about the size of an iphone 5, a little thicker. I used to bring it around everywhere and just take pictures of what caught my eye.

Film or digital?

If you asked me 3 years ago, I would tell you film is a hipster’s sport, haha. After putting my ego aside and trying it out, I definitely feel its uses. They feel more alive, as everyone says. The cliché is so true though. I like digital for professional work. And film for personal work.

What makes a good picture?

Its atmosphere. Can you feel the photo throughout?  Does it actually feel like a moment captured? Do I feel like I stopped thinking for a second to actually embrace whats happening in front of me? Can I see how all of this came together to make visual sense and order?

How should the viewer feel, watching your work?

Quiet. I like my work to be gazed at. I like my work to take people somewhere or take people to “nowhere” if that makes sense.

The atmosphere you create in your pictures is usually warm and hugging, what is so special about these warm shades?

It’s just a reflection of my desires and what I like about life. I like my photos to feel personal and close. I also love to actually be warm; ironic that I live in NY.

Besides taking pictures you also write poems. What moments do you sit down to start writing?

I find that most of my poems seem to come when I’m feeling emotionally constipated. When self reflection doesn’t work, conversation isn’t helpful, and working through the pain renders useless, I write. I kind of wish I wrote more happy things. They tend to have a dark and existential feel to me.

Do you think in pictures or words?

I think in words but I feel in pictures. Is that artsy fartsy?

Is there anything you can’t express in picture but in word, or opposite?

Over the last year or so, I’ve realized it’s hard to explain some advice or lessons I have to give. I had to learn how to express in pictures, or analogies, to in a sense draw up what I’m trying to get at. I’ve been thinking of ways to bring these analogies I have to life.

Which skill would you like to learn in the future?

I watched my homie DaRaun learn 3D Animation and it was a beautiful process. I’d love to learn how to animate. It’s super time consuming but I actually have the means to learn now. 2020 could be that year.