TITLE’s Top 5 – Series with Strong Female Leading Roles

Although the weather is much nicer these days and you would probably try and spend your days outside as much as possible, I am sure a cosy Sunday afternoon on the couch won’t hurt nobody.

For those moments in which you crave binge watching and your favourite snack we have created a list of 5 series that are worth your time. And because we believe that women are amazing, all these series feature inspiring, strong, and witty female leading roles.

1. Nola Darling

Based on the movie of the same name from 1986, Spike Lee created this beautiful extension on Netflix in 2018. With DeWanda Wise in the lead, the series becomes a joy to watch. I mean, how beautiful is this women? Anyway, the series tells the story of a young woman who tries to make a living from her art and juggles three lovers at the same time. Nola seems a little overwhelmed by all the temptations restless and popular Brooklyn has to offer. Additionally her love life is similarly chaotic. Nolas’s story nicely plays with normative relationship ideals, sexism and violence. The series is a recollection and an improvement in contrast to the movie that was claimed to be sexist and racist.

2. Dear White People

Another series that is based on a movie (Justin Simien, 2014). However, this time the series didn’t need to make up for previous mistakes, it rather functioned as further introduction to each character of the story. In the main focus of all three seasons (4th is confirmed to online in October) we have African American student Samantha White and her radio show “Dear White People” in which she addresses white people and educates her audience on racism. The series navigates various forms of racial and other discriminations in a direct and confronting, yet entertaining way. In this series it is easy to laugh, and cry, be shocked and disappointed, all at the same time. Sam and all the other charters teach the viewers on education, friendship, love and racial discrimination.

3. Cable Girls (Spanish: Las Chicas Del Cable)

Set in the 1920s, this Spanish period drama tells the story of four women that meet through their job as operators in the greatest phone company of Madrid at that time. Lidia, Carlota, Marga, and Angeles experience a wild rollercoaster ride that includes intrigues, violence, love, sexuality, money, family and even war. Each of the four suffers in different ways and has different relations to their job, families, partners, or memories. However, all of them share a certain sense of independence and the friendship they create bonds them in a very special way. The series highlights the impact female friendship can have and reveals the struggles working women faced in the 20s and in a male dominated space in Spain. Since 2017, six seasons premiered on Netflix.

4. Jane the Virgin

This series by Jennie Snyder Urman is rather peculiar and probably not everybody’s cup of tea. However, when being open enough for a lot of drama, love, and many funny plot twists, you can find true magic in this story. The leading character Jane is a 23 year old student and aspiring author who keeps her virginity sacred. An unwanted pregnancy through artificial insemination completely messes up her life plans and challenges her in unexpected ways. The newly won connections bring her much joy, but also many difficulties. No matter the obstacle Jane faces throughout the five seasons, her mother and her grandmother, who mainly speaks Spanish, always have her back and the relationship between these three women is portrayed in all its empowering facets. Overall, the audience will learn a lot about Latino telenovelas and  Hispanic struggles and stereotypes, including religion, beauty standards, and politics.

5.Girls from Ipanema (Portuguese: Coisa Mais Linda)

Here we have another period drama, this time a Brazilian one. The first season of Girls from Ipanema, previously called “Most Beautiful Thing” aired on Netflix about a year ago, the second this year in June. The series follows Malu (short for Maria Luiza), a young wealthy mother from São Paulo. She and her husband are meant to open a restaurant in Rio de Janeiro, but before Malu’s arrival she discovers that her husband left her and took all her money. Malu decides to leave no matter what and Rio surely holds many adventures for her. With the help friends and a new found love she tackles her passion project and works hard on opening and running the restaurant. Malu’s witty and unbiased character combined with her passion for music, friendship, and love make this a thrilling and inspiring show.