Binge-Worthy TV: Strong and Witty Female Leads in Focus

TITLE’s Top 5 – Series with Strong Female Leading Roles

While the weather entices you to enjoy the outdoors, there’s no harm in indulging in a cozy Sunday afternoon on the couch. For those moments when you crave a binge-watching session paired with your favorite snack, we’ve curated a list of five series that are worth your time. Celebrating the power of women, each of these shows features inspiring, strong, and witty female leads.

  1. Nola Darling

Netflix’s 2018 extension of Spike Lee’s 1986 film captivates viewers with DeWanda Wise’s exceptional performance. Nola, portrayed by the beautiful DeWanda, navigates her artistic aspirations and romantic entanglements, juggling three lovers in the bustling and vibrant setting of Brooklyn. This series challenges normative relationship ideals, sexism, and violence, offering a refreshing perspective that improves upon the movie’s criticisms of sexism and racism.

  1. Dear White People

Adapted from the 2014 film, this series delves deeper into the stories of each character without needing to rectify past mistakes. The focus revolves around Samantha White, an African American student who fearlessly educates her audience on racism through her radio show, “Dear White People.” Addressing various forms of discrimination head-on, the series provides thought-provoking moments while keeping viewers entertained. Through laughter, tears, shock, and disappointment, Sam and the cast teach valuable lessons on education, friendship, love, and racial discrimination.

  1. Cable Girls (Spanish: Las Chicas Del Cable)

Step into 1920s Madrid with this Spanish period drama. “Cable Girls” follows four women who work as telephone operators, experiencing a thrilling ride of intrigue, violence, love, sexuality, money, family, and war. Amid their unique struggles, these women find strength in their independence and the special bond of friendship. The series sheds light on the challenges faced by working women in 1920s Spain, showcasing the impact of female companionship.

  1. Jane the Virgin

Jennie Snyder Urman’s unconventional series offers a delightful mix of drama, love, and unexpected twists. Jane, a 23-year-old student and aspiring author, faces life-altering challenges after an accidental pregnancy through artificial insemination. Throughout the five seasons, the empowering relationship between Jane, her mother, and her Spanish-speaking grandmother takes center stage. Alongside the captivating story, the show explores Latino telenovelas and the complexities of religion, beauty standards, and politics.

  1. Girls from Ipanema (Portuguese: Coisa Mais Linda)

Embark on a Brazilian period drama that embraces allure. Previously known as “Most Beautiful Thing,” the series follows Malu, a young and wealthy mother from São Paulo. After her husband leaves her and takes her money, Malu embarks on an adventure in Rio de Janeiro. With the support of friends and a newfound love, she passionately pursues her dream of opening a restaurant. Malu’s wit, unbiased perspective, and love for music, friendship, and romance make this an enthralling and inspiring show.