Sierra Kidd: The Rising Star of German Rap | Exclusive Interview

Sierra Kidd, a prominent figure in German rap, has made a name for himself with his talent and early success. At the age of 16, he released his debut single “Kopfvilla,” which catapulted his career. Last year, he impressed audiences with his powerful album “600 Tage,” showcasing his growth and newfound hope. Sierra Kidd recently announced his upcoming album, “NAOSO,” teasing fans with his single “Money Machen.” In an exclusive interview, Sierra Kidd opens up about his mindset, young artists, and the importance of honesty in music.

Reflecting on his musical journey, Sierra Kidd’s evolution is evident in his discography, particularly in his album “600 Tage.” The artist has come to terms with various aspects of his life, leading to a more hopeful and confident approach to his music. However, he acknowledges that he is still on a path of self-discovery and seeks to find inner peace.

Sierra Kidd’s song “Big Boi” stands out as one of his most candid releases. Accompanied by a music video and a short documentary, the artist explores the fear of being perceived as weak and vulnerable in the rap industry. He emphasizes that his honesty is not a sign of weakness but rather a reflection of his real experiences. Sierra Kidd views music as therapy, allowing him to process his emotions and confront challenging situations. His songs, such as “Money Machen,” offer a deeper message beyond surface-level appearances, demonstrating his resilience and strength in the face of betrayal.

Growing up as the oldest sibling in a single-parent household, Sierra Kidd shouldered significant responsibilities at a young age. He draws inspiration from his mother, who instilled in him the importance of observing and learning from those around him. Sierra Kidd embraces his role as a big brother, not only within his family but also extending his support to others. He reaches out to people he admires and offers assistance, especially to up-and-coming artists and those who are less privileged. Sierra Kidd aims to provide the support he wished he had received when he was starting his journey.

In the documentary “Big Boi,” Sierra Kidd admits to being an addict. He recognizes his addictive personality, which extends to various aspects of his life, such as music and sports. While his addictive nature has fueled his musical output, he acknowledges the need to moderate his tendencies for his own well-being. Sierra Kidd is gradually finding balance and learning to manage his addictive traits more effectively.

Sierra Kidd’s label, TFS (Team Fuck Sleep), showcases the talent of young artists like Edo Saiya, Cherriimoya, and producer Consent2k. Sierra Kidd reflects on his time signed to Raf Camora’s label, “Indipendenza,” and acknowledges the lessons he learned in artist development. He realizes the significance of taking care of oneself, maintaining a focused mindset, and delegating tasks to excel in areas of personal interest. Sierra Kidd considers Raf Camora a mentor and teacher, appreciating the valuable knowledge he gained from their partnership.

The success of TFS artists like Cherriimoya and Edo Saiya has exceeded Sierra Kidd’s expectations. Cherriimoya garnered 500,000 monthly listeners with a single song, while Edo Saiya achieved significant recognition within a short period. Sierra Kidd expresses his pride in their accomplishments and wishes for their continued success and happiness. He envisions TFS becoming a renowned brand that surpasses his individual recognition. While he aims to reduce his own musical output, Sierra Kidd remains committed to his fans and plans to release albums sporadically.

Sierra Kidd acknowledges his involvement in promoting “No Faith Studios,” a brand founded by the interviewee’s brother. He highlights the importance of recognizing and supporting individuals who turn their passion into a hustle. Sierra Kidd emphasizes that he promotes his brother’s brand not out of mere goodwill but because he genuinely believes in the brand’s quality. He receives numerous music submissions from aspiring artists but advises them that producing good music is the key to recognition, rather than relying solely on endorsements. Sierra Kidd commends his brother’s brand, recognizing its excellence and expressing his support.

Looking ahead to 2021, Sierra Kidd shares his plans for the future. While touring may not be feasible due to the ongoing pandemic, he intends to shift his focus away from rap and concentrate more on the TFS brand and clothing line. Sierra Kidd envisions himself taking a backseat and allowing TFS to flourish beyond his individual success. He wishes for Edo Saiya and Cherriimoya to continue doing what they love, regardless of the level of success they achieve. Sierra Kidd embraces the present moment and expresses gratitude for everything he has accomplished thus far.

Are there any final words you want to throw out?

As a final word, I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk to you and to say something on your platform. Thank you to your brother, through whom we have connected, and I wish you both all the best. I think what you are doing is very important for culture and also important for the arts in this country. I know it’s a big word and it sounds huge, but it really is. You should be proud of that, you are great people. Thank you for having me here, Peace Out.

Text by Leon Dobbelgarten