TITLE’s Top 5: Modest Fashion Inspiration

Before we share some really cool outfit inspirations with you we want to make clear that there are different interpretations of modest fashion, as the meaning for modest varies across cultures and countries. The general and unambiguous understanding of modest fashion refers to women wearing less skin-revealing outfits for reasons of religion, faith, or just personal preference. The main point is that these outfits are chosen to satisfy its wearer’s spiritual and stylistic expectations.

We wanted to show you five women who certainly satisfy our idea of fashion and trend. They all pursue great careers, such as journalists, editors, models, or bloggers and break barriers with their way of work and dress. They integrate (high) fashion so seamlessly into their everyday life and communicate something very meaningful: The freedom of expression. It almost feels like they’re redefining modest fashion and creating something fresh and new. Get rid of your old ideas of what modest fashion should look like, because these women prove that it can be anything: androgenous, playful and girly, elegant, and extremely trendy. 

We love the looks of Hodan, Maria Alia, Noor, Rawdah, and Leena, and can’t wait to see many more of their outfit inspirations.

1. Hodan Yousuf

2. Maria Alia Al-sadek

3. Noor

4. Rawdah

5. Leena Ha