Winter Trends: Layer up all the Way to your Head

Only a couple of days ago, Charles Jeffrey Loverboy released its latest campaign on SSENSE, announcing the arrival of winter and the season of layering and covering ourselves from head to feet. That in turn — because not everything about fall and winter has to be dreary — unlocks a myriad of possibilities to make a fashion statement, especially for those for whom maximalism and mix and match are keywords in their styling decisions.

Especially in the last years, with the popularisation of crochet designs and the use of alpaca and similar fabrics among young people, which has brought them into the category of cool meets cozy, winter accessories such as headpieces are serving glam infused with a generous dose of comfort and functionality for a literal and practical extra hot feel and look. This fervent affair with winter headgear is exactly what Loverboy’s K-I-S-S-I-N-G campaign conveys: they’re so hot that everyone in unison could join a mass make-out scene. See our favourite pieces below, and join the scene!

Loverboy isn’t the only one digging into funky headpieces with an anime-like twist. Beanies with their peculiar add-ons such as cat ears aren’t the only ones marking the return of the winter solstice, as you may have already predicted it. What could come after beanies? Extra fabric for more coverage and eccentricity — and that’s given way to our beloved balaclavas, which name derives from the 1954 Crimean War, where they were used to protect troops against the bitter cold weather.

In their varied presentations, balaclavas offer ultra coverage for those windy, cold days, or simply add a special touch of texture for a lighter look — the latter, pointing to the delicate marriage with crochet. Marni’s balaclavas offer full or partial insulation, from covering all but eyes, to partial coverage to the mouth, while new generation crochet brand Collusion, marketed “for the coming of age,” exploits knits of all kinds for a cute look.

Hoods and Bonnets
There’s nothing better than the feeling of having our head protected against the fluffy or melting snowflakes, or the wet feeling from the constant precipitation in areas close to the sea. Although hoodies are a staple in our wardrobe, a removable hood offers functionality and yet it gives us the option to dress up more and step away from a cosy look.

Hoods and bonnets aren’t the same, however, the way they can be wrapped at the bottom of the face similarly and that’s why we’ve put them together. JW Anderson offers knitted hoods and Gobbi cashmere skull cap bonnets.

Bucket Hats
Don’t dare to think bucket hats were last season’s thing! How could we ever drop them? They can be trippy, funky, and loud at all times!

These hats take on fluffy and fuzzy textures, especially in winter, and they are a must-have if what you’re looking for is to be maximalist, aka loud, hat brands like Emma Brewin, loved by Rihanna and figures alike, are there to cater to you with extra furriness. Jacquemus offers delicate ethereal-looking hats but they’re pretty accessible and can be found in any cute little market for an affordable price.

Trapper Hats
Like balaclavas and most of these functional hats, trapper hats were originally worn by outdoor labourers, soldiers and trappers — that’s why the name. And as its name suggests, trappers are incredibly warm because they’re lined with fur and have flaps that come over your ears which, whoever has short hair, knows this is key to stay warm.

Brands like Canadian brand Lululemon offer from traditional to maxi designs featuring extra puff.

Headbands aren’t there only for trekking and brands like Rains and UGG have turned them into everyday accessories, with fleece and even puff — because we love puff in all shapes — to fit different occasions.

Puffer Scarves
We couldn’t finish this list without mentioning the winner of fun statements and that is because puffer handkerchieves are quite quirky and at the same time modest. These quilted puffer scarves — which, as their name suggests, don’t belong on this list — had to be nominated because they’re just very adaptable and can be easily used to wrap our head, neck and chest. Let’s just say that because of their optimal adaptability, they can be as well in the headgear category.

With their elevated design, many include an aperture on one of the sides for an elegant, effortless wrap, providing optimal insulation and different levels of coverage.

*Header image: Charles Jeffrey Loverboy AW23 Campaign