Style Not Size! Every Body Can Be Fashionable

Last week we talked about a very challenging topic – online body shaming and the fact that fashion is policed based on the bodies that wear it. A tweet that went viral triggered a huge discussion on several Social Media about social codes and accepted aesthetics that are simply toxic and wrong. Click here to read last week’s article.

However, this week we would like to highlight a Social Media trend that is more on the positive side of things. And because we try to have positive vibes only, we even want to oppose certain negative notions and stereotyped thinking and bring awareness to a hashtag or movement that should be obvious (but unfortunately is not): #stylenotsize

Short, tall, fat, thin, curvy – all body shapes bring greatness with them because they carry us, they give us life and a home for our hearts and minds. But instead of being thankful, many develop an unhealthy relationship towards their bodies. From an early age on, the media teaches us to strive for one an unrealistic normative ideal and many industries profit from all the insecurities these ideals cause. Diet, beauty, and fashion industry make a hell lot of money out of all those who suffer from toxic body images.

Fortunately, more brands are becoming size inclusive and finally offer a world of fashion that was not available for many men and women for a very long time. The discussion on whether diverse bodies are represented enough, however, should be saved for another time and date. 

Today I would rather stress that everybody and every body deserves to be stylish and fashionable. This oh so radical idea is probably widely spread amongst the plus-size community and all the curvy influencers who advocate self-love, equality and body-positivity. But when trying to exceed this bubble or reading facebook comments you will most like meet hateful people that are apparently only concerned about your health.

So the first time I saw someone (i.e.: a non-fat person) address this issue was when I came across the Instagram accounts of Denise Mercedes and Maria Castellanos. These two women and their very different body types show the world that style does not depend on your shape or weight. Instead they upload photographs and adorable TikTok videos in matching outfits. Crop-top, tight dresses, and shorts are no taboo for these two. With size 44 (US 14) and 34 (US 4) Denise and Maria are the living proof that the same outfit can suit two very different bodies. After their first post in the same bikini from June 2019

went viral, they established the Hashtag #stylenotsize and have inspired many supporters ever since. 

By now, others have followed the trend and have posted pictures and videos of two different body types and sizes in the same styling. For now this hype has only reached women, but maybe it will eventually inspire all genders to celebrate differences and connect to fashion and style in a much more positive way.