Size Inclusivity in Fashion: Challenging Norms and Celebrating Diversity

Style Not Size! Every Body Can Be Fashionable

Last week, we delved into the challenging topic of online body shaming and how fashion is unfairly judged based on the bodies wearing it. A viral tweet sparked a significant discussion on various social media platforms, shedding light on toxic social codes and harmful beauty standards. If you missed it, you can catch up by reading last week’s article [hyperlink].

However, this week, we want to shift our focus towards a more positive trend on social media. In line with our commitment to maintaining a positive atmosphere, we aim to challenge negative notions and stereotypes while raising awareness about a hashtag or movement that should be evident but unfortunately isn’t: #stylenotsize.

Regardless of height, weight, or body shape, every individual brings greatness within themselves. Our bodies carry us, giving us life and providing a home for our hearts and minds. Sadly, many people develop an unhealthy relationship with their bodies, influenced by media from an early age. We are constantly taught to strive for an unrealistic and normative ideal, and numerous industries profit from the insecurities these ideals create. The diet, beauty, and fashion industries make substantial profits from those who suffer due to toxic body images.

Thankfully, more brands are embracing size inclusivity, offering a wider range of fashion choices that were previously unavailable to many individuals. However, the discussion on whether diverse bodies are adequately represented deserves its own dedicated time and discussion.

Today, I want to emphasize that everyone, regardless of their body, deserves to express themselves stylishly and fashionably. This seemingly radical notion is widely accepted within the plus-size community and among curvy influencers who promote self-love, equality, and body positivity. However, when venturing beyond this supportive bubble or reading comments on social media platforms like Facebook, you may encounter hateful individuals who appear solely concerned about your health.

Personally, the first time I saw someone (specifically, a non-fat person) address this issue was when I stumbled upon the Instagram accounts of Denise Mercedes and Maria Castellanos. These two women, with their distinct body types, showcase to the world that style transcends shape or weight. They share photographs and adorable TikTok videos wearing matching outfits, confidently rocking crop tops, tight dresses, and shorts. Denise, who wears size 44 (US 14), and Maria, who wears size 34 (US 4), serve as living proof that the same outfit can look fabulous on two completely different bodies. Their first post featuring them in the same bikini from June 2019 went viral, leading them to establish the hashtag #stylenotsize and inspiring countless supporters ever since.

Since then, others have joined this trend, posting pictures and videos of two individuals with different body types and sizes showcasing their unique styles. Although this movement has primarily gained traction among women for now, it has the potential to inspire people of all genders to celebrate differences and establish a more positive connection with fashion and style.