Vicious Cycle”: Exploring Desire, Spirituality, and Fear of Intimacy

In the thought-provoking piece titled “Vicious Cycle,” we embark on a journey through the depths of desire, spirituality, and the haunting fear of intimacy. Within this evocative narrative, elements like paved roads, ecstatic experiences, devil worship, and fresh kicks intertwine, adding layers of complexity to the exploration.

The narrator unveils their deep affection for someone, an unwavering love that pulses through their veins. However, the fear of vulnerability and the consequences of revealing their feelings weigh heavily on their heart. This internal struggle resonates as lust consumes their thoughts and emotions, regardless of its intensity, leaving them entangled in a web of longing.

Yet, the desire to be with this person persists, even if it means cherishing them silently, hidden from the world. The conflicting emotions intensify as the narrator grapples with their suppressed love, fearing the repercussions that proximity might bring. In the end, this fear acts as a driving force that pushes the person they hold dear away, perpetuating the cycle of emotional turmoil.

“Vicious Cycle” captures the essence of this intricate dance between desire, spirituality, and the haunting fear of intimacy. It is a powerful exploration of human emotions and the complex dynamics that shape relationships. Immerse yourself in this captivating narrative and discover the profound depths it unravels.

Vicious cycle

Paved roads

Ecstasy through nose

Devil worshippers

Fresh kicks

No dream without space

For the weird and empty

He thinks he’s wise

Believes in God

But I only want to be with him

Even if it’s only quietly

Lust eats me up

Whether throbbing or iron

I love him

I should never say it

Frightened by proximity

Drove him away