Alessia Cara: An Experienced Musician’s Perspective on Sustainability in the Music Industry

a statement by Alessia Cara

When we had our interview with the wonderful Alessia Cara regarding her new singles “Shapeshifter” and “Sweet Dream”, we thought, why not integrate her opinion as an experienced musician into our sustainability-focused project TITLE(D). How well can the music industry and sustainable ways of producing and performing actually work together?

TITLE: In which ways do you think the music industry and sustainability could work well together? 

Alessia: I love albums and I’m always gonna be a fan of physical copies, but I think it’s great that things are becoming more digital because they’re preserved and you’re not wasting anything. I think we can try and make things as digital as possible. That would be great for the environment. 

Recently, I’ve noticed other artists that are doing physical copies but on tape or on things that are recyclable. I’m not exactly sure about the material but there are options that I would like to explore too because I’m interested in sustainability. 

I’ve also always been a supporter of conscious releases. I think there’s overconsumption and overproduction of things. I’m always super adamant about releasing when necessary and projects that feel whole. And even when it comes to touring – I don’t know if people are aware of what goes into a tour and how much production and waste it takes on the road. On my last tour, for example, we had reusable water bottles for the whole team. We tried to have as little waste as possible and make the transportation as compact as possible. So even here, it’s important to look at how we can minimize that waste as well.