Sips Berlin: Championing Sustainability and Artisanal Excellence in Food and Drinks

Environmentalists often emphasize the influence that our food choices can have on our carbon footprint. However, have you ever considered the impact of beverages as well? Aside from environmental reasons, it’s empowering to make conscious choices. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a glass of wine? But when it comes to making sustainable choices, what factors should we consider? Is “bio” (organic) enough? Or should we look for Fairtrade certification? The world of wine, in particular, is filled with numerous opinions, philosophies, semantics, and grey areas that can be challenging to navigate.

To shed light on this matter, we had an enlightening conversation with the founders of Sips Berlin, the pioneering natural wine delivery app set to launch soon. Founded amidst a global lockdown, Sips Berlin aims to demystify the myths surrounding natural wine while offering an expanding selection of sustainable food and drinks. Moreover, they are dedicated to providing exclusive insights and stories about the remarkable artisans they collaborate with. With affordable pricing, Sips Berlin serves as a modern gateway to natural goods.

So, what motivates Sips Berlin to do what they do?

“In modern societies, we have undeniably lost touch with the concept of provenance. Knowing the origins of something, understanding the families behind the products, why they employ specific techniques, and how weather conditions impact their harvest—these are the kinds of information we value. Such knowledge transforms the way we perceive and experience the food and drinks we consume. Of course, there’s also the basic sensual pleasure derived from the aromas and flavors. In our opinion, natural wine offers more nuanced tastes and a wide range of flavor profiles that conventional wine simply cannot match.”

What else holds importance for Sips Berlin?

“Building a community of like-minded individuals who share our values is fundamental, especially when it comes to sustainability. If we can celebrate the efforts of producers who actively improve the earth through their farming practices instead of merely depleting its resources, then we have truly reached a positive place. Sustainability is a driving force for Sips. When you consider our inherent love for food and drink as a species, striving for higher-quality products aligns with our ideals.”

By prioritizing knowledge, community, and sustainability, Sips Berlin sets itself apart as a catalyst for change in the food and beverage industry. Their mission to promote natural goods and elevate the overall experience resonates with those seeking a more conscious and environmentally friendly lifestyle.