Natural All The Way – A Talk With Sips Berlin

Many environmentalists mention the impact your choice of food can have on your carbon footprint. So I’ve wondered, can drinks as well? Next to environmental reasons, it sure feels good to be able to consider the choices we could make. And don’t we all love a glass of wine? But what has to be considered when making a sustainable choice? Is Bio enough? Or Fairtrade? Especially around wine, there are so many opinions, philosophies, semantics, and grey areas that are difficult to understand.

On this matter, we had a great talk with the founders of Sips Berlin, the first-ever natural wine delivery app, which will be launched soon. Founded in the middle of lockdown, Sips Berlin aims to debunk the myths around natural wine and offer a growing portfolio of a selection of sustainable food and drinks. Furthermore, they want to provide exclusive insights and stories behind the amazing artisans they are working with. With considerate prices, Sips Berlin offers a modern gateway to natural goods.

So why does Sips Berlin do what they do?

“We have definitely lost touch with provenance in modern societies. Knowing where something came from and the family behind it, why they used a certain technique, and how the weather affected their harvest. These are all things we love to know, and information that changes the way we perceive and experience the products we are eating and drinking. Of course, a basic sensual pleasure centered around the smells and taste is involved, too. Natural wine tastes more nuanced in our opinion, there is a whole variety of flavor profiles you just can’t access in conventional wine.”

What else is important to them?

“Forming a community of people who share our values is really pivotal. Particularly in reference to sustainability. If we can celebrate the efforts of producers who are actually improving the earth through their farming rather than just taking from the earth then we have reached a good place. Sustainability is a key driver for Sips.  When you consider how much we love to eat and drink as a species, then eating and drinking better products is an ideal we strive for…”