Get Cozy in Berlin: What to expect from a stay at Soho House

Whether you are a city changer or a time-out lover, Berlin actually has more to offer than just clubs. You already know our TITLE spots in Berlin, but now we want to introduce you to one of the trendiest houses in the world, in the heart of the German capital. 

Living in Berlin (or if you aren’t a globetrotter) probably the thing you associate with hotels the most are room cards people lose on the subway.  But then you should at least have a cocktail at the bar in Soho House: Even as a local, you occasionally hang out in the hotels around your own town.

Perfect for the beginning of the year, we have a little insider tip from us. Your couch or your own workplace is simply not attractive enough to boost motivation? How about a short trip to Berlin or simply a staycation at Soho House Berlin? 

We got invited to the infamous members’ club, the perfect place for hard-working and travel-loving people to connect and make new acquaintances. But regardless of whether you are a member or a visitor, definitely  get an impression of the different rooms in the house for yourself. 

The house has enough to offer that guests don’t even have to set foot on the street.

Starting with “The Store”, where you can get inspired by the latest trends, whether in the changing room or by the magazines in the book section, coupled with a delicious café. 

A daily program is, of course, provided. Whether a spa, gym or pool on the 8th floor:. there is certainly something for everyone. The house offers a lot of entertainment throughout the weekdays, which also means there is something to discover every day on the club floor. For the evening, Cecconis is at your disposal with a great team and delicious Italian cuisine (but keep in mind: reserve in advance to save long waiting times). And even though the Truffle Pizza is deservedly very famous on social media, you should also try the carpaccio there. And if you haven’t had enough afterwards, you can watch a film in the “Red Room” on the bottom floor.

Phew – now that’s really a lot you can do! And if you are a visitor who is  simply overwhelmed by the huge offer or just needs a quick nap before taking Berlin by the storm: The rooms are cozy and pretty – a perfect location to take some cute towel mirror selfies or spend the day in.

You can choose from tiny, small, medium, to big, extra-large and studio apartments. Every size keeps the standard, but with the size there are, of course, also different adventures to be experienced in the rooms. 

For example, as a couple who just want to spend a relaxing evening, the medium size is a great choice. From a huge selection of teas, a fully stocked bar, super snacks and homemade cookies to a steam shower, we promise you won’t want to leave your room. You will also find plenty of Cowshed products from the spa in your room and will not be short on cosmetics either. For our spontaneous trip, we were well taken care of despite hardly any preparation.

And if it’s going to be a work trip, there’s a great work area on the 7th floor and in summer you can even unfold your laptop on the beautiful terrace. If you miss one or the other charging cable, the team is also well equipped. In the evening, the great steam shower helps to turn your everyday life into a spa day.

If it’s going to be a different city for you, check out the other houses here. The club has much more to offer internationally.