Find Your Perfect Retreat in Berlin: Soho House’s Stylish Accommodations and Vibrant Atmosphere

Get Cozy in Berlin: What to expect from a stay at Soho House

Are you an urban explorer or a fan of leisurely getaways? Berlin has something more to offer than just its famous club scene. Get ready to dive into the trendiest destination right in the heart of the German capital.

When you think of hotels in Berlin, you might imagine lost room cards on the subway. However, even as a local, it’s worth treating yourself to a cocktail at the bar in Soho House. Sometimes, indulging in the hotels of your own city can be quite enjoyable.

Looking for a way to boost your motivation at the beginning of the year? Forget about your couch or ordinary workplace. How about a short trip to Berlin or a relaxing staycation at Soho House Berlin?

We had the privilege of being invited to this infamous members’ club—a perfect haven for hardworking individuals and travel enthusiasts to connect and forge new connections. But whether you’re a member or a visitor, you must experience the diverse rooms in this extraordinary establishment.

The house offers an abundance of attractions that make it unnecessary to step foot outside. Let’s start with “The Store,” where you can find inspiration in the latest trends. Try on outfits in the changing room or browse through magazines in the book section while enjoying a delightful café experience.

There’s always something happening at Soho House. From the spa and gym to the 8th-floor pool, there’s a variety of options to suit everyone’s preferences. The weekdays are filled with entertainment, and each day on the club floor presents something new to discover. In the evening, you can relish the culinary delights of Cecconis, known for its exceptional Italian cuisine. Pro tip: Make a reservation in advance to avoid long waiting times. Don’t miss out on their renowned Truffle Pizza, but also give the carpaccio a try. Afterward, head to the “Red Room” on the lower floor for a movie screening.

Whew! That’s a lot to take in. If you’re a visitor feeling overwhelmed by the extensive offerings or simply in need of a quick nap before conquering Berlin, the cozy and charming rooms at Soho House are perfect. Take adorable towel mirror selfies or spend the day in comfort.

You can choose from a range of room sizes, including tiny, small, medium, large, extra-large, and studio apartments. Each size maintains the highest standard, but they offer different adventures to suit your preferences. For a relaxing evening as a couple, the medium-sized room is an excellent choice. Enjoy a vast selection of teas, a fully stocked bar, delicious snacks, and homemade cookies. Indulge in a steam shower and pamper yourself with Cowshed spa products and ample cosmetics. Even without extensive preparation, our spontaneous trip was a delightful experience, thanks to the impeccable service. 

If your visit is for work purposes, you’ll find a fantastic workspace on the 7th floor. In summer, you can even work on the beautiful terrace, enjoying the outdoors while getting tasks done. The team at Soho House is well-prepared and equipped, ensuring you have all the charging cables you might need. And in the evening, unwind with a steam shower, transforming your everyday routine into a blissful spa day.

If you’re planning to explore other cities, make sure to check out the other Soho House locations. The club offers a wealth of international experiences worth discovering.