The Power of Metta: A Journey to Inner Peace and Happiness

We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves. -Dalai Lama

The story by Eva Maria Janson captures the process of immersing oneself in the present, stepping into the observation, which leads to transformation. 

As human beings, we all desire to feel loved and supported. However, it can be challenging to show the same kindness and compassion to ourselves that we readily extend to others. This is where Metta, a Buddhist concept of loving-kindness, comes into play. By directing this love and care inward, towards our hearts and minds, we can reduce our suffering and increase our happiness and well-being.

Metta helps to foster self-respect, confidence, and hope by allowing us to care for ourselves in a loving and gentle way. The story of Metta’s transformative power is one of self-discovery and immersion in the present moment. By stepping into the observer’s role and exploring our inner selves without fear, we are able to uncover the different aspects of ourselves and find that the more we allow ourselves to be, the happier and more at peace we become.

Incorporating Metta into our lives creates a deep connection between our inner lives and everything around us, including ourselves. This connection is vital to our well-being and happiness, as it allows us to see the world and ourselves with a clearer and kinder perspective.

Through the practice of Metta, we can learn to appreciate and accept ourselves just as we are, while also working towards self-improvement. By learning to love and care for ourselves in this way, we can unlock a world of inner peace, happiness, and fulfillment.

So take a moment to embrace the power of Metta and allow yourself to feel the love and care you so deserve. By doing so, you will be taking a step towards a more fulfilling and content life.

Through Metta, our inner life’s insight creates a connection to everything around us, including ourselves.

In the course of our work together, however, it became increasingly clear that before one individual can open up to another, it is necessary to find love and acceptance within oneself. Through our inner confrontation with this topic, our project has also developed further with us. With our work on ourselves, we have created an artistic fashion editorial that shows how importat it ist o be in contact with ourselves and therefore with everything around us.– Eva Maria Janson, Photographer

Team Credits:

Model Maximilian @ Brody Bookings

Photographer Eva Maria Janson

Stylist Hakan Keppler 

Stylist Assistant Roberto De Cagna

Hairstylist Eduardo Bravo 

Hairstylist Assistant Zenab Taha 

Makeup Miriam Siman 

Featuring Brands: YCCIJ , Converse , Alan Crocetti , RoRo, Lani Lees