Time-Traveling Toni – What The Future Has In-Store

As I walk down the city central, I look around me and see smiling faces, kind eyes,

nothing covered or hidden. The streets are cleaner than I remember. Less waste

around me. As I drink out of my paper cup with my metal straw I think back to a time

when things were different. When the world was more unhinged than expected and

the future seemed blurry. Today, there’s hope for a brighter tomorrow. I attempt to

unlock my phone and fail twice, putting in my old passcode. I recently changed it to

8-6-6-4. The letters spell out Toni. Can’t be that hard to remember my own name.

I’m surrounded by Christmas lights and free public wifi, thankfully. A rare snowfall

brushes over the city making the holiday season more perfect than I could ever

imagine. I hop on the modernized street train that looks so advanced it’s nearly

floating. The tram nears my stop and I start wondering what I should get my friends

for the holidays.

I get off on the well-known shopping street and peak into the modernized stores with

glowing electronic signs above them. Diverse looking mannequins in the windows

make the clothing look enticing, however, I still see nothing I like. Even though so

much has changed in the past couple of years, so much has stayed the same. I still

can’t find a single thing I like. It would be so much easier if I had some sort of

personal shopper. Maybe someone who could pick out personalized items for me,

then I wouldn’t have to put up with all this Christmas shopping hassle.

A big flat screen set in the middle of the shopping center displays the weather, news

and current articles. As I see a magazine headline pop up on the screen and I’m

reminded of the past. “How Klarna Became the Future of Shopping”. Wow, that was

already ten years ago? I’m getting old. Who introduced me to Klarna again? Oh right,

my friend Joy. She always knew about all the upcoming trends.

“Have you downloaded the new Klarna App already?”, Joy said with glee. I shook my

head and her eyes became wide in both shock and excitement. “It’s amazing, you’ll

love it! This is going to be the future of shopping, trust me”. As she showed me an

endless amount of deals on various brands, I’m intrigued and download it too. With

the hope of a “smoooth shopping” experience I started exploring the ins and outs

of my newly acquired app.

I searched up my go-to brands and looked through the v arious wishlists personally

curated for me by the Klarna app based on my interests . In hopes of enlightening the rest of the world of my newfound obsession with the online shopping app, I created my own personalized wishlist “Dress up with Title”. It contains specially chosen items I picked out from all my favorite stores on the web and then added them to my wishlist on Klarna. That way everybody can find something they love.

I created my own personalized wishlist “Dress up with Title”

I snap out of my flashback back into the current reality. It’s 2030, not 2020. But Joy

was right, Klarna really did become the future of shopping. Bored with the stores in

the shopping center I return to the tram stop, get onto the almost hovering vehicle,

and sit down in the single seat by the window. Since Joy never really knows whether

I prefer baggy oversized clothes or tight formiting fits I made it easier for her by

passing on my “Dress up with Title” wishlist. If there’s anything left on there for me to

still choose from, the Sale-Alert will keep me on track with deals and price drops on

all my personal wishlist items. I’m a sucker for sales.

To anyone reading this in the past present or future,

You’re not only getting an exclusive look into my thoughts and my everyday life, but

you’re also peaking into the future. More specifically, the future of online shopping.

Take advantage of this knowledge and make the next smartest move. Download the

Klarna App and you’ll see what I mean. Once you do, check out “Dress up with Title”

wishlist. I created it just for you and didn’t come all the way back from the future so

you could miss this opportunity. When you’re strutting down the street looking cute in

your Title x Klarna fits chosen by yours truly, you’ll thank me.

Xo, Toni.