Kübra Uzun: The Rhythm of the Night and LGBTI+ Community

This interview was featured in our most recent issue, TITLE(D) #6: The Global Passport.

Kübra Uzun is an Istanbul-based singer, songwriter, DJ, and LGBTI+ activist, whose song ‘ALAN2020’ became an anthem during Istanbul Pride in 2020. Kübra Uzun is also the coordinator of Through The Window, an online project that aims to gather queer artists, thinkers, and night workers from Turkey and The Netherlands, and is co-founder and co-curator of XSM Recordings, a record label offering a space for queer and commune liberation, besides acting as an art and solidarity platform.

Personal Information

If you could rename yourself, what would it be?


What would your avatar look like?

Big hazel eyes with long lashes, no eyebrows, bold, significant cheeks and big lips.

What’s your launching date?

18 December.

What’s your emotional age?


What’s your spirit animal?


Where is home?

In Patagonia.  

Travel Information

What’s the place where you feel like you can be you?

Sao Paulo.

What has informed the direction of your path?

Myself, as always.

What was the last border you crossed?


How and where have you been stamped?

The meeting point of my left hand and arm.

Personal Journey Information 

How and where does your privilege manifest?

My beautiful eyes, voice, and craftsmanship on the deck when I play and dance with Peep.

How do you connect?

Touching and staring at an eye directly.

What food warms your soul, or reminds you of home?


Can you name a happy accident you’ve had?

After hours at an empty pool.