The Dark Sounds of AMNESIA SCANNER

The Berlin based electronic duo Amnesia Scanner has announced a new LP Tearless to be released on the 5th of June. Following up their 2018 full-length Another Life, the new album features peruvian artist and vocalist Lalita, metalcore band Code Orange, and brazilian DJ/producer LYZZA. They have teased the album with the release of two singles, AS Acá (feat. Lalita) and AS Going (feat. LYZZA) which came out when people first started self isolating, and since then has developed into a sort of quarantine anthem. 

According to a press release, the concept for Tearless began as a “breakup album with the planet” saying that it is “a sonic reflection of how it feels to experience Earth at a time when collapse is emerging as the prevailing narrative” in regards to climate change. Eerily relevant in these times, the duo wrote, “There’s a looming sense of radical change”… They had no idea.

To get a taste of their music, you should go listen to their latest drop AS Going which is accompanied by a music video that slightly reminds me of an unsettling Tik Tok POV of distorted faces spinning around in a washing machine. The music video aligns well with the generally warped visuals that cement Amnesia Scanner’s aesthetic. Watching the clip of humans spiralling out of control, like they’re are trying to escape out of your screen is a discomforting experience that makes you feel like there’s a world inside your phone. Come to think of it, it’s similar to how I feel after too many hours of staring at my screen scrolling mindlessly through my social media feed. 

The dark experimental electronic sound of Amnesia Scanner’s music makes me want to go out dancing in one of Berlin’s nightclubs again. To dive into their sonic world and lose myself in it on the dancefloor – things I can only daydream about in these times of self isolation. Till going out is possible again, you can catch me blasting their songs in my bedroom with the lights off pretending to be in a club.

Listen to their latest songs in TITLE’s Underground Playlist and promise not to watch this music video before going to bed.