From Hamburg to Hidden Identities: Selassie’s Artistic Odyssey – Read the Interview Here!

It’s been a while since I first met up with Selassie for an interview in his studio in Hamburg and we talked about his life, art, and music. Click HERE to read our first interview with Selassie. This time, we arranged a an email interview, and although many things have changed since our first meeting, I am happy to see that he still full-heartedly an artist and probably more creative than ever.

Selassie send me his interview answers in verse and asked me to keep it that way, and I am all here for it! This is another inspiring aspect about this young creative: he is open for everything, goes with the flow, and loves being in the moment. Interview answers in verses? – Why not! Music video shooting in women’s clothes? – Heck yes! Being a muscian, making art, founding his own business and becoming a father? Sure!

It seems as if Selassie can’t and won’t be stopped by anything or anyone, not even the Pandemic.

It’s been almost two years since we last talked. What has changed since then? How did you experience lockdown and how would you describe your mood today?

Yeah time has been moving really fast 

Doesn’t really seem like almost 2 years for me 

Not really that much 

I am still making what people call art. I kinda call it key to self and still really enjoy it alot .

Just learning a bunch of new skills and placing them 1 by 1 in the stuff that I am doing.

I have a lil family now.

Got a beautiful baby girl with my girlfriend!

My mood is super relaxed and super grounded.

Adventures and hunger for new learning .

I am directing videos right now to open my mind on the process of ideas for my own videos!

Writing a 8 part short movie and just enjoying life in general!

Fuck lockdown, I  went to see the world basiclly!

Cant let the mood affect you, you gotta affect the world with your mood.

Working on a creative factory called eia001 also so i gotta stay emotionally strong and balanced to represent it well.

The website is launching soon!

You will have sound designs, Collabs,

Videos and installations there with a shop with art design objects

You have released quite a few new songs, and a new album called “Hidden Identities”. Which has been your favourite project of the past year?

I honestly think “Hidden Identities” is up to date my fav project .

It puts colours on the mood I had back then and I also like it soundwise.

I prove to myself that music can be about your internal emotions and still be super colorful!

The mood moves in the drums and world of sound!

What’s behind the title of your album? Do you have any hidden identities?

Yeah I defo have a lot of hidden identities!

The title is, from my point of view, fitting to the world as we had the chance to be locked down and find out stuff about ourselves!

I was asking myself what identities people don’t see from you!

For example, “Many Wishes” is a production about my girlfriend and for the video I was in women’s clothing just to explore my feminine side and understand her more

With “Accratownboi” I present something I miss a lot, which is accra into my world of music!

Since we always stress the True Identity of the artists we talk with. Would you say you have found your True Identity yet? If yes, how would you describe it?

It’s like I don’t see a lawyer but just think of the person being a lawyer.

There are more identities in a person!

A dad, an uncle, a friend, so many possibilities.

I am trying to break the pattern of putting people in a box, so I started with myself.

I think I am well grounded to say I am enjoying myself and my surroundings a lot .

There is no end to learning. At the moment I am exactly in the right space and time.

Still growing, still learning.

Your visuals and music videos are as creative and original as ever. In the music video for “Accratownboi” you show your special connection to your home-country. What was the best part about shooting the video?

The best part about the “Accratownboi” video defo is the people in the video!

All old friends I haven’t seen in a while.

Coming together is a huge part of being creative and productive.

Even in difficult times, during lockdown and with masks on. Community always wins.

Proving to myself we can all still have our moments that’s right for us!

What do love most about Accra or Ghana in general?

Accra and Ghana are just life!

The food 

The markets 

The colours the taste of the city.

It’s wild and creative.

I love the creative scene!

Just watching them expand their minds is just a blessing to me!

My family, obviously, but I feel like in Africa it’s generally a hustle!

I like that mentality of going and getting it for yourself!

Europe doesn’t have that!

Europe always has a backup plan for people so they rely on things.

I remember from our last interview that fashion and art also mean a lot to you. What is new on that front? Have you been painting and creating much during lockdown?

Have been going crazy, but also having a good balance!

Not really forcing painting atm, just learning.

Fashion is always a go to world for me.

I have a project with my girlfriend. It’s a charity project,

with a sustainable brand included.

We produce and design our own fabrics in Africa. And there’s also gonna be paintings.

It’s about bringing these worlds together at the moment.

Talking about fashion, in the music video for “Many Wishes” we see you in incredibly beautiful and extravagant outfits. What do you love and dislike about fashion?

About fashion:

Fast fashion sucks. 

Fashion gotta move in a sustainable way now!

It gotta help people!

Clothing will always be there, but it’s about the energy lost wearing it or working on it!

I personally don’t need the fashion world too much. 

I enjoy the creation part more than the world around it!

But I am ma mama’s son – there’s no way I am not rocking cool stuff

Last, but not least, what do you wish for?

I just got a beautiful family.

I wish that everybody can experience this

A bunch of love to that

and may the world flow in a creative and positive direction