“Breaking Walls”

From East and West became a Germany. A new era began;

an era characterized by freedom, inclusion, diversity and equality. Today, adidas celebrates Originals

this time of upheaval and resistance. A time when a people fall down a wall together

could bring.

To release the reversible jacket released the brand with the three stripes in collaboration with the

Hamburg agency Jung von Matt / SPORTS a social media hero movie and three spa episodes

German personalities to be released in the coming days: musicians Sido and

Trettmann, Germany’s first female professional referee, Bibiana Steinhaus,

Moderator, Video Creator and Visions for Children member, Wana Limar, Creative Director and Founder

the Souvenir Official label, David Mallon and Viva con Agua founder, Michael Fritz.

The six Wallbreakers tell of their personal past and courage, for a matter of the heart and

To be convinced. The focus is on the transformative zeitgeist

from 1989 and gives an answer to the role of transformational action in today’s world

Occupy society. Specifically, the fight against prejudices and expectations of others, the

Cohesion among women and the influence of music as a mirror of society is the theme.

Stories of wallbreakers of today combined with the spirit of ’89 inspired the limited edition

adidas Originals reversible jacket. The front of the jacket is provided with Berlin street names by

the wall was divided and symbolically linked by the zipper. The back of the

Jacket adorns the words “Breaking Walls”. As the name of the jacket suggests, the jacket can

– The inside reveals information about the inner German border, such as

the length of the wall, the number of watchtowers and the number of successful escape attempts.

The title of the jacket is reflected in the guiding principle of “Breaking Walls” not only in the historical

Context, but also finds current relevance in a driven by change mentality.

With words and deeds a Wallbreaker inspires others to dare to break walls themselves.

adidas Originals is setting a stage for these culturally and socially relevant protagonists

to tell her personal story.