Calvin Klein’s #PROUDINMYCALVINS Campaign: Embrace LGBTQ+ Self-Expression

Discover the myriad of beautiful, unique personalities that grace our planet. At Calvin Klein, we believe that every individual should embrace and take pride in their own individuality and uniqueness. That’s why we are thrilled to present to you our latest campaign:

CALVIN KLEIN proudly presents #PROUDINMYCALVINS, a celebration of self-expression and the diverse spectrum of LGBTQ+ identities. Renowned photographer Ryan McGinley captures the essence of nine remarkable talents from around the world, each carefully selected for their captivating stories. Through their authentic selves, they offer valuable insights into the shared experiences of the LGBTQ+ community.

This empowering campaign encourages the discovery of connection and belonging within the community. Engage with intimate portrait videos and thought-provoking conversations that showcase the depth of human experiences. According to Ryan McGinley, “The theme of the campaign is embracing everything that makes you unique. By featuring a diverse cast and crew that represents the entire LGBTQ+ spectrum, we aim to ensure that every member of the community feels represented, included, and celebrated. As an artist, my goal is to create honest photos that forge a human connection, capturing the subject’s power and vulnerability. This amalgamation is the essence of my artistic vision.”

Let us introduce you to some of the remarkable individuals who have become the faces of #PROUDINMYCALVINS:

Ama eliana Elsesser

Actor, writer, and activist Chella Man takes center stage alongside his partner, photographer MaryV. Chella, a deaf, genderqueer, Chinese-Jewish youth, discovered a lack of representation and role models. Together, they have drawn widespread attention to the trans and queer experiences while shedding light on the challenges faced by the disabled within the LGBTQ+ community. Chella encourages others to become their own representation, fostering greater inclusivity.

Pabllo Vittar

Brazilian singer and drag queen Pabllo Vittar shares how dressing in drag has allowed them to embrace their truest self. Their family’s unwavering support contributed to their success. Pabllo exclaims, “I never imagined making a living with a wig on my head, but here I am!”

Jari Jones

Transqueer model, activist, and actor Jari Jones reflects on their journey of overcoming limited family support. Growing up without a predetermined path, they and their wife forged their own destiny. Today, Jari plays a vital role as a “mom” to queer youth, providing support and creating a sense of family for those in need.

Chella Man

Calvin Klein, Inc. supports LGBTQ+ organizations both in celebration of Pride, and year-round. Most recently, in recognition of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic,Calvin Klein has partnered with OutRight Action International on their COVID-19LGBTIQ Global Emergency Fund, offering emergency financial resources toLGBTQ+ organizations around the world who are serving people impacted byCOVID-19. Calvin Klein, together with parent company PVH Corp., has committed funds to onePULSE Foundation, the nonprofit established by the owner of the Pulse nightclub following the June 12, 2016 shooting in Orlando, Florida, committed to creating a world where diversity is celebrated and all people are respected, valued and affirmed. Which will be used to help build the National Pulse Memorial &Museum and support an endowed scholarship in honor of Frank Hernandez, a manager at Calvin Klein’s store in Orlando, who was among the 49 people whose lives were tragically taken. The brand’s support of onePULSE began at the request of our company associates who wanted to celebrate the memory and legacy of their 

tommy dorfman

Actor, model, and activist Tommy Dorfman’s work reflects their journey as a gender-nonconforming person. They strive to illuminate the queer experience and promote self-acceptance through storytelling. Tommy asserts, “Identifying as gender queer, genderfluid, and non-binary gives me a sense of belonging.”

Reece King

Model and poet Reece King aims to inspire others through his self-published book of poems, spreading messages of self-care and self-love. His advice to his younger self is to embrace personal uniqueness from an early stage, as it leads to incredible personal growth.
These exceptional individuals, featured in the global #PROUDINMYCALVINS campaign, provide a platform for love, family, coming out, allyship, and identity. The campaign launched on May 14th across social and digital channels, supported by a content series that celebrates the common threads shared by the LGBTQ+ community.

Calvin Klein, Inc. stands in solidarity with LGBTQ+ organizations, both during Pride and throughout the year. Recently, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Calvin Klein partnered with OutRight Action International, offering emergency financial resources through the COVID-19 LGBTIQ Global Emergency Fund to LGBTQ+ organizations worldwide serving those affected by the pandemic. Additionally, Calvin Klein, along with parent company PVH Corp., has committed funds to the onePULSE Foundation, supporting the establishment of the National Pulse Memorial & Museum and an endowed scholarship in honor of Frank Hernandez. This commitment honors the memory and legacy of our colleague, symbolizing our dedication to fostering a world where diversity is cherished, and all individuals are respected, valued, and affirmed.

Furthermore, Calvin Klein supports The Equality Project, an Australia-based charity, and proudly sponsors PFLAG National, the first and largest organization for LGBTQ+ individuals, their families, and allies. These initiatives reflect our commitment to creating an inclusive society where acceptance is paramount.

Join us in celebrating the extraordinary stories and representatives of the LGBTQ+ community. We wholeheartedly support this remarkable campaign and express our gratitude to CK for providing this incredible platform.

CAMPAIGN CREDITS: Images & Videos: Ryan McGinley Creative: CALVIN KLEIN