Blank Canvas – An Interview With Nessie And Enlil On Self Expression And Versatility

According to the dictionary, minimalism is “a style in art, design, and theatre that uses the smallest range of materials and colours possible, and only very simple shapes or forms”. This mentality is embraced by Calvin Klein and its current campaign Blank Canvas. This season they are stripping it back to the essentials and consciously crafted a selection of staples, including the perfect white tee, archival/classic denim silhouettes and the brand’s iconic monogram underwear.

With this as a starting point, the two creators Nessie and Enlil took on the opportunity and explored their creativity. Both believe in the beauty of versatility that can be found in all stories, even minimalistic ones. Furthermore they love to discover all facets and possibilities – they embody limitless self expression. With their visual reinterpretation of Calvin Klein’s staples and the following interview they completed the canvas with their story. Enjoy!

TITLE: What is so magical/ intriguing about minimalism?

Nessie: Minimalism gives you enough space to interpret and allows you to focus on what matters. Sometimes it’s as easy as they say ‚less is more‘.

Enlil: I think it comes nearest to living life like we should be. Being connected to nature goes easier with light luggage. Having few things makes them special and living on a minimalistic basis makes life more special. You don’t get distracted from unnecessary things and set your focus on more important ones.

TITLE: Which opportunities can come from a blank canvas (metaphorically speaking) ?

Nessie: A blank canvas can either be a new start or a chance to create something or someone unexpected and unseen. It’s like an unwritten page, to tell your own story.

Enlil:  A fresh start. A refocus. Not being distracted from the past and the things that happened. Having a good feeling about starting something.

TITLE: How do you live your versatility?

Nessie: I don’t really think there is a way of living versatility. It’s more living how you feel like. I am not really the same person everyday, it changes with my mood and surroundings. So If I feel like being a Boss lady I dress like one and behave like one. Same as there are days where I just simply love to be a little child and honestly look like one as well. I am so happy that there are many ways to show everybody who I  am and how I’m feeling. It gives me a lot of energy.

Enlil: I don’t really try to. I think it’s in my nature that there are different types of me. I’m just trying to be who I am. For me. Not for others. Versatility should come natural.

TITLE: What do you prefer – minimalistic or over the top?

Nessie: I love both ! It’s one extreme compared to another and I think both have their strong impact, choosing for the occasion is the key. You don’t need to label yourself or your preferences forever. As time is changing, people do too and we should all be about trying out different things and getting to know ourselves better and better each single time.

Enlil: When it comes to clothing I like both. Over the top is fun and makes you feel special but minimalistic is definitely more healthy. It’s hard to keep following trends and the pressure to be stylish nowadays. So it’s a good way to keep things simple most of the time and wear clothes that just feel good for yourself.

TITLE: What is most important to you in regard to self-expression?

Nessie: Self-expression is something really brave and needs a lot of self-reflection. It’s about always staying true to yourself, regardless from what people expect from you. It’s the way you see yourself and filtering, from what you think of who you are, based on how people judge you, it’s a really hard challenge.

Enlil: Being real and original. Standing for who you were and who you’ve become. We are so unique with every characteristic and every emotion and it should be okay to express our individuality.

Produced by Avec nous Berlin