Arys Fall/Winter 21 Collection: Waterproof Jackets and Unexpected Features for Unparalleled Style

What began with multifunctional tracksuits has now evolved into a collection of meticulously designed garments that embody minimalist aesthetics, timeless appeal, and sophisticated features. It’s no surprise that Arys has garnered a devoted following not only in their home country but also in Japan, Korea, and the US.

For their latest Fall/Winter collection, Arys presents a new look that offers a tantalizing glimpse into “the wardrobe for the future.” While the brand doesn’t dwell on heritage, it is already shaping the traditions of tomorrow. Arys envisions a future that transcends city limits, while still providing practical everyday attire with universal classic designs.

This collection represents a significant milestone for Arys, elevating them from a humble Berlin-based label to the forefront of high-end tech wear. Drawing inspiration from the sleek and minimalist architecture of modern metropolises, the designers seamlessly integrate technically-designed cores beneath clean lines and minimalistic cuts throughout the collection.

The color palette chosen by Arys encompasses a range of hues. Their signature color, Raven, draws inspiration from the reflection of a gloomy winter sky on a skyscraper’s glass facade. Additional colors like Grey-Green and Sea Ice capture the essence of pulsating city centers. Every aspect of Arys’ designs is meticulously considered.

Let’s delve into the standout pieces from the collection. Spearheading the lineup are three seam-sealed jackets crafted from 2- and 3-layer recycled nylon, boasting a sleek suede appearance. These jackets are not only water- and windproof but also breathable, and each one surprises with unexpected features. Imagine an integrated shopping bag or purse seamlessly integrated into the design.

The collection also features padded coats, puffer pants, and ultralight vests to complement the standout jackets. Just like the brand itself, these pieces have evolved from season to season, now utilizing 100% recycled polyester shells, padding, and lining. Arys doesn’t limit their offerings to outerwear alone; the collection includes long-sleeved shirts, zip-up overshirts, and lightly padded jumpers. These garments are crafted from stretchy recycled nylon, in line with the brand’s commitment to sustainability. Arys even extends their eco-conscious philosophy to their organic cotton lounge wear line.

While each piece from Arys stands confidently on its own, the collection is designed to be combined and layered, allowing for endless possibilities. Every garment is thoughtfully crafted to become a timeless staple in the buyer’s wardrobe for years to come.

Arys draws inspiration from the essence of the city, as showcased in their recent photoshoot paying homage to Tokyo’s iconic Capsule Tower, slated for demolition. This Berlin-born brand has transcended its origins, becoming a part of every city’s fabric and embodying the spirit of urban life.

Experience the evolution of fashion with Arys, where minimalist design, functionality, and sustainability converge to create garments that redefine the future of style.

Not just limited to outerwear you will also find a long-sleeved shirts, a zip-up overshirt and a lightly padded jumper.

These pieces are all made from stretchy recycled nylon and the brand’s organic cotton lounge wear line btw.

Even though every piece can easily stand for itself, everything can be combined and layered among each other. And every single garment is made to find a place in the buyers wardrobe for many years to come.

Arys is inspired by the city and they even used the opportunity of their most recent shooting to give a nod to Tokyo’s soon to be demolished Capsule Tower.

This Berlin-native brand is already far more than that – native to every city and it’s life itself.