Young and Fabulous: Claudia Valentina’s Rise to Success in the Music Industry

Claudia Valentina, the talented singer-songwriter, has had an incredible journey in the music industry. From her early artistic pursuits to winning gold at the Dance World Cup, she has showcased her skills in singing, dancing, and theater. After moving to Los Angeles and collaborating with renowned songwriters, she returned to London to work on her debut EP. With the release of her single “C’est La Vie” and a feature on the track “High” by German rapper Cro, Claudia Valentina continues to make waves in the music scene.

The rising singer-songwriter Claudia Valentina should be on everybody’s radar. Here is why she is on ours: We caught up with the confident emerging artist to hear all about her journey so far.

Your career started from a quite early age. How have you grown as an artist?
Since I learned to talk I’ve had the same dream and same work ethic. I’m very all or nothing and have always been that way so I guess just the more years I’ve been at it the more I’ve learnt about myself and my music. 

What motivates you as a person and as an artist?
I feel like motivation for what I’m doing is a constant thing that I never loose. Like I said I’ve had the same dream and goals since I first started music and they have never been small! I want to do my 10 year old self that was singing in the basement proud basically.

Who are you looking up to, are there any musicians or people in your personal life that influence you and shape you in a certain way? 
I feel beyond lucky to have met the most amazing people over the last couple years. I’m surrounded by strong women who want to help and guide me and that has made me feel so empowered especially being in the music industry. I look up to my parents mostly, they inspire me everyday by how strong and fearless they are. They never stop pushing me to be the best I can be. 

Would you take me on your song-creating journey? What is it like to vocalize your inspiration? 
I find inspiration for music everywhere and anywhere. I have a very specific taste in what really gets me going so working with producers and writers that understand me makes the process easier. My life is basically trying to explain my weird ideas of sounds to producers and spending time trying to make real what’s in my head. 

What advice would you give to other young creatives in the industry?
I would say don’t compare yourself to other artists, where they are at or what they are doing. It’s difficult and I do that everyday I believe in devine timing. Focusing on everyone else isn’t doing you any favours.

Is there anything you would like people to say about you? 
Hopefully people like my music lol! And that I’m nice 

Who is Claudia Valentina now? And what is her future?
Same as she’s always been! Determined and hungry until I get to where aiming for. And hopefully I’ll still be like that when I get there.