„If you have to ask what jazz is, you’ll never know.“

When it comes to the Metaverse, one of the reasons it’s so hard to explain is that it doesn’t necessarily exist. Except, it does. The Metaverse is everywhere, and it is also nowhere. But we are all there, right now in this place that might be and will be and is being created while you still try to make any sense out of this sentence.

It might be still several years away, but we are readying to define our identities in this brand new unreality that will come upon us. In this universe of persistent virtual spaces we’ll interact, transact and experience.

In the real world, Identity is probably our most important asset. It’s who we are. In the online world, we sometimes act exactly the same as we do offline. But often there are two versions of ourselves and more likely multiple different versions of ourselves. Different names, different content we share and different avatars to represent us.

Photos by Tarek Mawad

In the metaverse we exist beyond physics and boundaries. All options are on the table and identity lines are already blurring as we embrace broader notions of gender. In the metaverse we could represent ourselves as an entirely new species.

“Avatar”, as defined in Sanskrit, means “descent” and signifies the manifestation or incarnation of a deity released on earth.

What word would be a better fit for describing how we’ll self-create to become the goddesses and gods of our own imagination in the never-ending search for our truer identity? Especially, when the line between physical and digital is blurred and identities become more and more tricky. However, avatars are not a means of escapism from our reality. On the contrary, they are an augmentation. Avatars extend ourselves in the virtual space and as we transcend physicality, it also means that we transcend self-judgment.

For the first time there will be a medium where we will no longer need to decide whether a garment will flatter our physical existence and we are no longer tethered to genetics. In the metaverse fashion will be for the first time a true means to transmit emotion within this new realm of existence.

If the metaverse lives up to its hype we will be beyond gender, beyond age, beyond skin. We will try out new experiences, new bodies, new ideas, new ideals and ultimately new identities. 

Embrace the opportunities and at the same time mind the gap between finding your inner voice and making the metaverse an unhealthy space of projections — searching for the “perfect” version that could intensify already existing distortions. Always remind yourself that it’s not about being perfect, but about being true to yourself — and what could be closer to your true identity than to never stop exploring and experiencing what a truer version of you could be like?

Photography: Tarek Mawad
Fashion Editor: Neslihan Değerli
H&MU: Chrissie Moissl
Light Operator: Birk Alisch
Looks: Prada Linea Rossa
Casting: Hendrik Simon
Production: Enlil Isik via Avec Nous