Joana Christina: Sustainable Fashion Label Redefining Style

Joana and Regina from the burgeoning Berlin fashion label, Joana Christina, are making waves with their distinct approach to fashion. By reworking and upcycling fabric remnants, they have created a brand that stands for sustainability and innovation. Their collection boasts a diverse range of handbags and a newly added knitwear line, gaining attention and recognition in the fashion industry.

Joana Christina’s roots trace back to early 2020 when Joana embarked on a project to repurpose fabric remnants. With a primary focus on bags, the brand has since expanded its horizons, exploring and incorporating different product categories. In late 2020, Regina joined the team, bringing her expertise and passion for knitwear to enhance their offerings.

Both Joana and Regina studied fashion design in Berlin, where they crossed paths during the application process. Their upbringing in creative households, with early exposure to sewing, sparked their interest in fashion design. The brand’s earliest concept emerged during Joana’s graduate collection, specifically with the Mountain Bikini top. This standout piece gained attention through Instagram, leading to made-to-order versions for interested customers.

What is your background ? Tell us more about how you got into fashion design.

We both studied fashion design in Berlin, where we met in the application process.

We grew up around creative mothers and got into sewing early on, that might be the starting point.

The earliest idea for the brand developed during Joanas graduate collection.

The Mountain Bikini top, which was part of the graduate collection gained attention over instagram and she offered made to order versions of it.

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Where do you get your inspiration for your designs?

Before the pandemic made us adapt our daily life, the ideas were collected especially while traveling. Since march we have rediscovered our close environment. Everyday things suddenly bring ideas for being creative, that feels good!

What does sustainability mean to you and your brand?

Creating a change within the fashion industry is one of the reasons why this brand exists.

We first experimented with different bag styles in rectangular shapes to use up most of the fabric without having to cut anything off. With creating the bags we want to give forgotten fabrics and materials a second chance and purpose while keeping the impact and waste as low as possible. We both have experienced how fast and commercial fashion works and we now want to contribute to a change in the industry by making sustainability and individuality our motto for creative working. We believe that sustainability, transparency and waste reduction is the future and will bring a great change within the industry and the way we consume and treat products.

Can you imagine IT bags coming back?

We believe IT bags have never been gone. It definitely is something relevant, as long as it has the purpose that you invest in something that will last you a long time.

How are your products made?

The products are all handmade by us in Berlin and Franconia, due to our different locations.  All woven fabrics are sewn with sewing machines, the knits are being made row by row on a hand knitting machine.

Who should wear the Joana Christina pieces? Who is your target group?

We count everyone to our target group. Our products should contribute to a sustainable and thoughtful consumption. We hope that our customers will connect to the pieces with a certain sentiment, to extend the product life cycle. Some of our bags are rare and only exist 1-2 times.

If you could choose one person to wear one of your bags or knits, who would it be?

Our biggest fan is probably Joanas grandmother. She is really into all of our products, as soon as a visit is possible again she will be surprised.

What are the plans for Joana Christina in the new year?

For spring and summer we are adding more clothing items to our products variety.

Our focus on bags will stay and we have lots of ideas to play around with shapes and the surface.

The mountain bikini will be back with some other exciting items.

Do young creatives in Germany get support of any kind, in case of self-employment?

Berlin has also the title of “foundation capital”. As founder of a company, Berlin and the surrounding area Brandenburg is the best location in Germany in order to receive support from the government.

We are still running this brand next to our day jobs but we can’t wait to focus full time on our ideas and products.

It’s probably not the best time to start your own business. How do you encourage yourself and your team?  

We are motivated to do more by the positive feedback and all of the messages that reach us.

Seeing that people like what we create makes us incredibly happy. There are many things that can’t happen right now due to restrictions. But with everything being online we are lucky to have a platform to reach out to our customers

Foto : Joana Christina

Model: Leonie / Yannick / Camille (in order of appearance)