TITLE for awareness

TITLE is actually a working title, a blank page full of unlimited possibilities. We want to create a platform for young people all over the world, telling stories about people, fashion and music from different corners of the world digging deeper into various cultures and life realities.


We asked ourselves what does our generation need? What would we personally wish to read? Perhaps simply journalism, in which editors are allowed to have their own opinion, covering current topics that can be critically questioned and above all a visual style that allows readers to live free and independent in fashion without being restricted by given rules. At TITLE we rekindle the creative fire, held back in many of us by default styles and structures, feeding it with fresh inspiration. The only restrictions we impose on ourselves are the values of tolerance, transparency and awareness, to give everybody the chance to break out of one’s boundaries.

The faster we run, the less we can carry. In times when consumption of media is becoming faster and more generic, we want to offer a new way of communicating content – easily accessible but nevertheless covering challenging topics in depth.


There are some issues that are so important to us we cannot hide them here. Starting with diversity: We are living in 2020, how can it be that there are still people who are disadvantaged and excluded because of their origin, gender or sexuality? Our hearts are bleeding! Respect is also the solution for another existential issue: Our dear planet earth. We live in a materialistic society and of course we know it’s not easy to change behavior that has been cultivated over years all at once.Therefore, we do not want to denounce anyone, but rather to propose solutions and alternatives to our consumer behavior introducing the people behind these ideas to give positive impulses in a more conscious direction.


With our worldwide team of editors, we search for stories that move you and make you think twice. What’s most important for TITLE is the game of action and reaction. For us journalism is not just a one-way street. So, let’s get in touch and talk about what’s on your mind?


We can’t wait..