What is wrong with Justin Bieber?

Have you ever asked Google about your symptoms when you were sick? I bet you did. What you probably know then, is the fact, that the more diffuse the pain, the more variable the diagnostic will be. 

Justin Bieber suffered from depression, had skin breakouts, felt weak, did strange things from time to time, had a headache. 

Feeling your body and your mind getting sick must be devastating if you have no idea what’s going on with yourself. Every cure begins with the right diagnosis, but Bieber had to face strange diagnosis from the internet, instead. On Instagram, the idol of many teenagers across the globe now published his surprising revelation – Justin Bieber suffered from the late effects of lyme disease.

What people might not know is that the symptoms of the infection transferred by ticks can manifest as chronic disease and can cause a change in personality. 

Even more Justin Bieber deserves recognition as fighter and not only the aged teenie star, even though it is unquestionable that he and his team chose a good moment to thematise the question that has been going around for quite some time: „What is wrong with Justin Bieber?“.

Bieber himself says he’s fine now that he’s taken care of with the right medication. With his upcoming album, he’s also about to drop a concomitant documentary series on YouTube, which will show his struggles with his incurable disease and the various symptoms he had to suffer from. Big thumbs up for another celebrity being transparent about worldly problems and being educative and vulnerable rather than safe behind an image that’s crumbled!