Celebrate Christmas with Conscious Gift Ideas | TITLE’s Sustainable Gift Guide

Can you believe it’s almost December and the first Advent already? The year has flown by so quickly! At TITLE, we take pride in reflecting on 2021 and expressing our gratitude to all the contributors and community members who have supported us throughout this special year.

While Christmas and its gifting culture may not be everyone’s cup of tea, we celebrate the holiday season as a time for love, family, and friends. We believe that a gift can be much more than a material possession, particularly in an era where the climate crisis demands us to reconsider our consumption habits. Surprisingly, around $15.2 billion is spent on unwanted presents during Christmas.

Can we rethink this equation and prioritize less waste and more nature? In that spirit, we have asked our personnel to gather their ideas for conscious Christmas presents.

Alongside our first printed zine TITLE(D), we have curated a personal and thoughtful gift guide that aligns with our brand’s commitment to sustainability and community support. Merry Christmas!

DIY & Selfmade Gifts

When seeking sustainable gift ideas, consider the charm of something self-made. While handwritten letters, paintings, and knitted jumpers are always great options, why not try something new this year? Here are a few ideas to spark your creativity:

  • A Compliment Card

Take a piece of paper and write a genuine compliment for someone special or even yourself. Creating new rituals and traditions can add a touch of magic to the holiday season.

  • A Selfmade Cookbook 

“I’ve always wanted a book filled with all the delicious recipes my mom and grandmother used to cook for me. Whether you cook together or you’re the host aka the „chef“, good food full of memories will always bring joy. The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.” – Elena (graphic designer)

For DIY project like that you can find many inspirations on Pinterest.

Create a personalized cookbook filled with the delicious recipes passed down through generations. Good food infused with memories is a sure way to bring joy and warmth to your loved ones’ hearts. Find inspirations on Pinterest to make this DIY project even more special.

  • A Song or Video

Gather your friends and record a song, rap, or poem together. This group present is perfect for long-distance relationships, connecting loved ones all around the world through digital means. Unleash your creativity and let editing work its magic. It’s a personalized banger!

“A few times I have organized and recorded a little rap as a present. Once with a few friends where each one had an own verse. And another time with just one friend of mine. All you need is a beat, creativity, flow and someone who knows how to put it all together. Boom. It’s a personalized banger.” – Enlil (content manager)

Old & Thrifted Media

If you or the person you want to get a gift for are a sucker for nostalgia, then this is for you! Old items bring back memories and something that can truly kindle your holiday mood. No matter how old you are, something like a second hand camera or personally curated mixtape on a vintage walkman is always something special. And if you like you can spice it up a little.

  • Your Favorite Book

Does it sound boring to have books as your go-to gift for a loved one? No, because books rock! Whatever your loved one’s interests are, you will surely find something that fits at your local second hand book store or even online on sites. Finding old copies of books with different covers is also much more interesting than buying new ones.

Btw. Something that in my opinion is a must are some personal words written onto the first pages. One of my favorite books and the perfect gift for anyone who likes photography and history, is “American Pictures” by Jacob Holdt. – Caiza (editor)

This does not only go for books, but also records. There are awesome websites where you can find basically every record you can imagine. Their marketplace is community driven and every music lover‘s dream. Can you please tell me what’s more wonderful than talking to a good friend about a good book or listening to music together? Right. Nothing is better.

  • Something Personalised

Talking about books, our founder and creative director had the following idea: “Wouldn’t it be nice to customize a book? Maybe your favorite book with beautiful poems, or a story that reminds you of a person. Books are multi usable, you can thrift them and make beautiful inbook collages, drawings, poems or even paintings. Lately I’ve seen a video, where Francesco Risso shared a Birthday Card  one of his friends made for him out of an old ‘Groupies and other Girls’ Book. It looked amazing and it’s filled with memories, such a unique gift. – Nessie


Before squeezing in another presents, we have a question for you: Can we recycle, reuse or upcycle the item or experience? You can totally get creative when mapping out the domino effects of our purchases and (should) think in cycles as landfill and plastic exist with us. Weighing up how much one gift will add to the other person’s life. So why not keep it simple? Offer someone your deepest attention and time.

  • More Time and Cuddles (as a very appreciated voucher)
  • Donations and Charity Support

For many people and animals out there Christmas is no holiday, but a factor that worsens their lives. So instead of thinking about presents for family and friends, maybe think outside the box and support people in need, animals, or our environment.

Here are some great charities that need all the help and love from you:

You can find many more organizations that are in need of donations HERE.

Less Waste & More Thought

  • Customization

With just one little detail you can up-grade a pre-loved item and make it the perfect present.

“I remember when I was a kid, my mom would always sew a little lucky charm in my sweaters to prevent the energy of bad eyes. I think it’s such a nice detail and so thoughtful. Gifting someone maybe an old piece you already own and that that person once admired is sweet and adding a little sweet tag, stitching or lucky charm just ads another personal note to it” – Nessie (founder and creative director)

Further ideas for customization: embroidery, patches, brooches, pins, and paint (basically whatever you like, depending in the object your customizing. And again I am sure you’ll find many inspiring ideas on TikTok, YouTube and Co.)

  • Events and Memories

Spending time with loved ones is probably the most wonderful gift you can give or receive, so why don’t you invite your mum for a nice dinner, or go to your best friend’s favorite artist exhibition. Our editors have been collecting some ideas: Artnight Events to get slightly tipsy and discover your inner artist, a pottery course to get your hands dirty and create together (going out version: Workshops staying at home: online classes, or pottery, and how about some (annual) tickets for your favorite museum or cinema to spend some ‘cultured’ quality time with someone special.

Contributing editors:

Nessie (@nessie)

Enlil (@enlilisik)

Laura (laura.gruebler)

Elena (_elenamarija)

Annika (@aed2309)

Caiza (@caizacaizacaiza)