What are people wearing around the world?

Seeing what other people are wearing out and about in the streets has always inspired me. From time to time I even like to compliment strangers on their choice of clothing and accessories. And don’t get me wrong, the digital world offers a great deal of inspiration and I do love to screenshot my favorite looks I see online, or save some cool styling reels into my Instagram archive. However, real people that I see in the real world usually inspire me the most and leave a sustainable impact on my choice of outfit for the next day. 

I really love seeing other people’s outfit creations, color combinations and ways of layering. And sometimes I like to wonder… What do these people do for a living? Where do they get their inspiration from? Where do they shop? Who are their style icons?

In the majority of cases, all these questions remain unanswered. Working in a second hand shop for a while has clearly given me the opportunity to get in contact with people and talk about fashion and style more easily. But when I just see a stranger walking past I hardly ever say anything, but wonder.

Luckily, (again) the internet is here to help to answer all my burning questions!

While street style blogs and photographers like the Satorialist have been turning the streets into catwalks and bringing the shows to our screens for a while now, YouTube (and increasingly Instagram) has become the chosen platform to authentically document what people all over the world like to wear.

Starting with formats like “How much is your outfit?”, which experienced a big hype in 2017/ 2018, it is now the most diverse creators around the globe who capture what people wear on the streets. In addition to cool shots, small interviews also offer exactly the background information we are burning for. And what I’ve learned from it: The mix makes the difference! No matter if it’s a luxury brand, highstreet or vintage, in the end it’s personality and creativity that make an outfit special.

So, just in case you’re in need of a bit of inspiration, or you can’t go out much because of corona or because the weather is shitty, here are some of my favorite channels and accounts I like to consume in order to get some ideas for my next fits. Enjoy!

Watching New York

WHO: Johnny Cirillo (@watchingnewyork)

WHERE: New York

The Unknown Vlogs

WHO: Kofi (@icykof)

WHERE: started in the UK, now all around Europe and the world

Not So Blonde

WHO: Caroline (@blondearchive)

WHERE: Paris


WHO: Maia (@maia.gv)

WHERE: New York (focus on fashion students)

Robert Friedrichs

WHO: Robert (@robert.friedrichs)

WHERE: Berlin


WHO: Karen (@karenbritchick)

WHERE: New York