Watching Me, Watching You

This is a short story teaser for a column coming soon. This piece and many more to come are written creatively and are pure fiction. Enjoy.

There she is. In the fourth seat closest to the window, analyzing every cloud in the sky. The way she taps her foot to the beat of the song, mouthing the words to herself. She doesn’t feel watched. Slumped into her seat, one shoe on the floor, the other on top of the heater.

As she gets up she looks back one more time to make sure she didn’t forget anything. Nope, all there. She gets off the train, goes up the stairs, and starts walking home. She walks fairly fast, looking back one last time before pulling her key out.

She doesn’t see me. The tree across from her bedroom provides the perfect cover. This isn’t the right moment for us to meet yet.

Today’s artist chosen for this piece is Edward Hopper; American realist painter from the early 1990s.

(Header: Night Windows by Edward Hopper, 1928)

Morning Sun by Edward Hopper (1952)
Automat by Edward Hopper (1927)