Walking Home with Fear: A Poetic Reflection on Women’s Safety

This poem aims to shed light on the prevalent issue of violence against women, using the tragic story of Sarah Everard as an example. It challenges the societal blame placed on victims and calls for a safer world where women can freely walk without fear. The poem emphasizes the need for society to listen, believe, and support women’s experiences, urging for a shift in attitudes and actions to create a culture that prioritizes women’s safety and empowerment.

Have you heard of Sarah Everard?

She was murdered not long ago,

Although she was only walking home you know?

It was the middle of the week,

She met a friend and had a glass of wine.

Who would have known it was for the last time.

But believe it or not, it’s not uncommon,

That a girl who’s walking her way home

Was assaulted by a person with a Y-chromosome.

And why is all we want to know?

So many girls are being robbed of their life time,

And men aren’t even charged for their horrible crime.

And let’s not start to blame the victim,

She didn’t ask for any harm,

Nor had the perpetrator innocent charm.

I can’t believe women are still unheard!

The we walk home with keys between our fist,

are blamed that our outfit made him not resist.

It’s because of your son we feel unsafe,

Or your uncle who is following us down the street.

And still you say : “Not all men!”, how sweet…

But it is all women!

Who have experienced this fear at night,

To be harmed if she caught someone’s sight.

It’s unbelievable how you shame us,

Blame us for our feelings and call us naive.

And if we bravely open up, you won’t even believe.

No matter who you’ll ask,

Every woman or someone she knows has a story

Of being attacked, verbally, physically, predatory.

So, please listen to us!

We want to feel safe, take no more defeats.

Wear what we want and reclaim the streets!

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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Laura (@laura.gruebler)

I wrote this text, because the tragic murder of Sarah Everard moved and triggered me deeply. and I seriuously hope that all debates around misogyny that are happening on social media currently will truely change something. Not just in England, but everywhere, misogyny should be treated as hate crime.