Challenging Societal Norms: Avant-Garde Housewife Fetish Photography by Candy Oscuro

Artist Candy Oscuro and his series Housewife Fetish

In Candy Oscuro’s captivating series “Housewife Fetish,” the 21-year-old artist explores various forms of fetishism through fashion. Each artwork features a distinct portrayal of fetishism, offering a glimpse into a world often kept secret.

The series showcases a wood-cutting figure adorned in a captivating chessboard pattern, a sunbathing woman indulging in a seemingly real Bloody Mary, and a mysterious masked woman captured in the darkness. Despite their differences, these figures share a common thread.

The artist explains the concept behind the series, envisioning a housewife seeking escape in the countryside to embrace her fetishes. Candy finds the exploration of human fetishes intriguing, using each look to depict a different facet of this realm

“I had the idea of a housewife who would go to the countryside as a way of escapism, to unleash her fetish.”, the artist says. He finds it interesting to deal with the variety of human fetishes and shows different fetishes with each look.

“For example, in the picture with the blonde wig and the cup I wanted to show vampirism. It’s a fetish where people believe they are real vampires and behave in a way they think vampires would. Drinking real blood, for example.” Especially since it is a topic not accepted by society, most people pursue their fetishes in secret. Candy’s work now, allows an open insight into this unknown and bizarre world.

For instance, one image depicts a blonde wig-wearing model holding a cup, embodying the concept of vampirism. This fetish involves individuals who genuinely believe they are vampires, adopting vampire-like behaviors such as consuming real blood. Candy’s work sheds light on these often stigmatized topics, offering an open perspective into this unknown and unconventional world.

Through his cinematic and avant-garde aesthetic, Candy creates a timeless space that transcends boundaries. His photographs possess a quality that could belong to a bygone era or have been taken just yesterday in your neighbor’s garden. This subtle portrayal suggests that fetishes exist ubiquitously, regardless of time or place.

While contemplating the piercing gaze of the housewife, viewers may search for hidden messages. Yet, her everyday life appears entirely ordinary. This conveys a powerful message: If human fetishes have coexisted and evolved throughout history, why not engage in open conversations about them?

Experience Candy Oscuro’s thought-provoking series, “Housewife Fetish,” and delve into the enigmatic world of fetishes that surrounds us all.

Photo: Candy Oscuro

Styling: Candy Oscuro

Hair& Make Up: Candy Oscuro

Headpiece: Candy Oscuro

Muse: Elisa Cabbai

Instagram: @candyoscuro