‘Thrive in Trust’ Celebrates Black Fatherhood

Thrive in Trust is a touching portrayal that challenges prevailing negative stereotypes surrounding black fatherhood. Departing from the often-dismal narratives, this short film showcases fathers as loving, present, and connected to their children’s current lives. Through a blend of creative visuals and compelling storytelling, Thrive in Trust celebrates the resilience and strength of black fatherhood.

Drawing inspiration from the concept of flourishing and transformation, the film embraces the metaphor of a blooming flower to symbolize the growth and evolution inherent in black fatherhood. Like a flower in full bloom, these fathers exhibit remarkable vitality and vibrancy in nurturing their families and communities.

Thrive in Trust is not just a title but a declaration—a call to challenge preconceptions and foster a deeper understanding of the diverse experiences within black fatherhood. By confronting stereotypes head-on, the film serves as a beacon of hope and empowerment, illustrating the immense potential for positive change and growth in this vital aspect of family life.

Through its poignant narrative and evocative imagery, Thrive in Trust shines a light on the beauty, complexity, and unwavering bond between black fathers and their sons. It is a testament to their resilience, their love, and their unwavering dedication to nurturing the next generation.


Direction: Tsellot Melesse & Bocar Thiam 
DoP: Kimani Schumann
Casting: Tsellot Melesse
Editor: Itohan Emonvomwan 
Grading: Imri Agmon 
Soundtrack: Braths
Production: Tsellot Melesse & Bocar Thiam 
Special thanks: Salon Jose Bass, Wedding, Berlin

Don Pablo Lumemba 
Januario Antonio Mulemba
Sacks Stuurman
Amo Paul 
Thabo Paul
Rod Elridge
Elyas Elridge
Niam Elridge
David Yaw Debrah
Omari Kwadjo Debrah
Derren D. McLin
Theo McLin
Lloyd Chinn 
Jeremy Chinn Schuchardt
Amari Chinn Schuchardt
Eghosa‘s Dad
Shani Atani Young