Exploring the Impact of Gender Studies, #metoo, and Fridays For Future

Potato salad for a good cause

In a world filled with uncertainties and insecurities, where the future holds the answers to our burning questions about issues like global warming, financial markets, political extremism, terrorism, and civil war, it’s important to take a moment and reflect. Amidst the chaos, there is a new consciousness emerging, disrupting the old ways and causing anxiety for some of us.

Gender studies, feminism, #metoo, Fridays For Future, Seawatch, drone-delivered mail, self-driving electric cars, and global protests symbolize this shift. Times are changing, although we haven’t fully arrived there yet. The past still clings to positions of power, and fear of losing status and security prevails. However, it’s worth appreciating the visible movements toward positive change, especially in these dark times. Sometimes, altering our perspective becomes crucial.

Just five years ago, a regular guy named Zack “Danger” Brown raised $55,000 to make potato salad. At that time, it felt like a sign of societal disillusionment. Fundraising seemed like a frivolous game, overshadowing the fact that Brown eventually donated a significant portion of the funds. The underlying message seemed to be: “If everyone invests in potatoes, why not join in the fun?” Similar to flashmob proposals and viral trends like Gangnam Style, it appeared superficial while serious issues like the Lampedusa shipwreck catastrophe and cyclones persisted.

To be fair, the World Record Egg, with nearly 54 million likes on Instagram, may not be the best example from 2019. However, there was another event that stood out—the release of “Earth” by comedian Lil Dicky. This charity single featured more than 30 renowned artists, such as Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, and Rita Ora. It was a moment that shifted my anxiety to hope and showcased the positive impact of new consciousness entering the mainstream. Although not the greatest track of all time, the song’s marketing reach brought me a fleeting sense of happiness.

Additionally, the sight of impassioned teenagers addressing political leaders at the annual United Nations summit is a promising sign. Despite the overwhelming challenges faced by our generation, it’s important to celebrate every step forward, even amidst the struggles to avoid burnout. I strongly recommend finding ways to recharge—enjoy some potato salad, listen to Lil Dicky’s music, and appreciate the insecurities that signify a changing world. Then, return to the cause with critical thinking and helpful actions, aiming for greater acceptance, learning, innovation, peace, and political decisions that benefit future generations. And remember, it’s fun because everyone is doing it!