Music Videos in the Streaming Era: Unveiling Costly Productions and Artistic Brilliance

In recent years, music videos have defied expectations, flourishing as artistic endeavors in their own right. Contrary to the belief that music videos would lose relevance in the age of music streaming, they have evolved into costly and complex productions, resembling complete short films. This article highlights three extraordinary music videos from Silk Sonic, Billie Eilish, and Camila Cabello, revealing the depth of creativity and craftsmanship invested in this medium.

Let’s just take a look at the past weeks. We picked out only three artists and their latest music video release. And they are truly incredible. From time travels to the 70s with Silk Sonic, the most dramatic dance scene in the rain with Billie Eilish, or an 80s musical and motion stop mash-up with Camila Cabello – these three videos are definitely worth the watch.

Silk Sonic – Skate

This song is pure nostalgia and just makes you want to buy some skates, throw on a cute ass outfit and learn this skill that everybody seems to have learned during lockdown already anyway. Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak, who form the Duo ‘Silk Sonic’, have totally hit the nail on the head. While passionately playing the drums and grooving together with the skating ladies, all you want to know is: When does their album finally come out?!

Billie Eilish – Happier Than Ever

That this young woman is a legend already, is not up for debate. Not even a week ago the talented singer released the music video for the song “Happier Than Ever”. This and her album of the same name prove her growing strength as an adolescent woman and musician. The breaking of Billie’s well-known soft sound into rocky squalling could be seen as some kind of catharsis.

Camila Cabello – Don’t Go Yet

With Camila Cabello’s newest song, it’s crucial that you choose the extended version to watch because the beginning is just a work of art. You’ll see the Cuban-American singer driving a nostalgic car in a stop-motion scenery. As if that wouldn’t be impressive enough, she then enters her little toy villa only to join the most extravagantly dressed and diverse dinner audience. The entire music video is a fun dance party of some 80s icons in a dollhouse. Yay!

The world of music videos has undergone a remarkable evolution, transcending their initial role as mere visual accompaniments. Artists like Silk Sonic, Billie Eilish, and Camila Cabello have elevated music videos to the status of complete short films, demonstrating immense thought, creativity, and production value. These exceptional videos serve as a testament to the enduring power of this art form and beckon viewers to indulge in their visual and auditory splendor.