Alwin Maigler’s Unique Vision: Exploring ‘Sommer Melancholie’ through Photography

“Sommer Melancholie” – an editorial by Alwin Maigler

As summer slowly approaches, our yearning for exotic destinations, balmy evenings, and the gentle scent of sea salt intensifies. Yet, many of us find ourselves confined to home offices, seeking solace in nearby bars and cafés as a form of rebellion against the forced staycation. Despite the illusion of freedom this summer brings, a pervasive melancholy seems to loom among my peers. This poignant atmosphere finds its expression in a captivating series of photographs by the talented Alwin Maigle

‍Hailing from the southern region of Germany, Alwin Maigler is a professional photographer and a member of the BFF (the professional association of Freelance Photographers), alongside renowned artists such as Sarah Moon, Oliviero Toscani, and Peter Lindbergh. Being part of this esteemed association signifies his commitment to professionalism, exceptional creativity, and a unique artistic perspective. Maigler’s portfolio encompasses fashion, portraiture, and fine art photography, where his talents truly shine.

‍The concept behind “Sommer Melancholie” is multifaceted and unparalleled. Not only did Maigler undertake the challenge of shooting this editorial during the pandemic, but he also assumed the roles of art director, assistant, hair and makeup artist, and stylist. With only the model Oona Alison Hubrich by his side, he navigated the complexities of working as a one-man team, capturing breathtaking moments that oscillate between solitude and empowerment. It appears that the intimate bond between the photographer and model enabled the authentic portrayal of emotions, perhaps even encapsulating the zeitgeist of our generation.

Complementing the editorial is a poem that sets the overall mood:

Ich schwarz-weiss, dass ich nichts weiß

Als ich noch Bonny war,

war der Sommer mein Kleid.

Doch nun wirft das Licht der Vielfalt

ein nur noch längeren Schatten

meiner Einsamkeit.

Und nur der Kontrast macht,

das mein eigen Selbst

im Lichte nicht Verblasst.

The poem skillfully plays with language, juxtaposing concepts of darkness and light, diversity and loneliness, visibility and fading, knowing and unknowing. Through vivid mental imagery, it establishes connections between the physical and emotional realms. These rich themes are further brought to life through Maigler’s captivating photographs, which depict a landscape where nature and vast fields intersect with human constructs—a liberated spirit restrained. By skillfully manipulating focus and lighting, Maigler creates an endearing atmosphere, accentuated by the interplay of static elements and ethereal fabrics in motion.

All the pictures are presented in black and white, embracing the idea of stark contrasts. However, when combined with the poem and our current context, Maigler’s photographs evoke a heightened appreciation for the shades of gray, the realm of indecision, and the uncertain tapestry of emotions. The world is not simply black and white, and this editorial imparts the powerful message that even our despondent spirits and melancholic hearts can transform into tender works of art.

photography & concept:

alwin maigler | | @alwinmaigler


oona alison hubrich | HER-managment hamburg@alison_oona


jessy stuchly | | @jessy_stuchly