Peggy Gou Takes Us on a Fashionable Stroll Through Berlin for Louis Vuitton

Peggy Gou is a 29-year-old South Korean DJ who has taken the music world by storm. Considered by many to be the most successful female DJ in the world, her tunes inspire more than 1.9 million Instagram followers. Not only that, but Peggy runs her own fashion label and is generally known for being a really cool girl. It’s no wonder that Louis Vuitton has chosen her as their brand ambassador for their current Fall/Winter shoe collection. In fact, no one has ever made Louis Vuitton sneakers look as casual and yet really chic as Peggy does.

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Credit: Photographer – Bruno Staub

Peggy Gou is a woman on the move, constantly travelling from one place to another, which is why shoes are an important topic for her. “The shoes are like the base of a song, the shoes, the base they make you move,” she says.

To highlight the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter shoe collection, a video with Peggy was shot in her hometown of Berlin by Bruno Staub and styled by the renowned Marc Göhring. The video captures Peggy getting ready for the day in her own home, creating a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere that makes the avant-garde fashion on Peggy an indefinable uniform of casual chic. In one scene, Peggy puts on her own record at home and later she takes over the music in a deserted record store. “The right song can change the energy completely – mood is everything. I have to stop when something catches my attention. There is nothing more important in life than appreciating the world around you,” she says

Peggy strolls through the urban scenery of Berlin wearing a variety of different shoe designs from LV Archlights and LV Metropolis to the LV Beaubourg model, demonstrating the versatility and style of Louis Vuitton shoes. Her video takes us on a little private walk and shows us that especially in times like these it is important to pause, take a deep breath, look closely, and enjoy the details and little things that attract our attention.

Louis Vuitton has placed great emphasis on the small but fine details that make up the sophistication of its shoe collection. Whether it’s the pattern, the structure, the materials, or the colors of the selected models, the design is impeccable. With this shoe collection, Louis Vuitton has created a marketing campaign that speaks to the human spirit and makes us want to live. This is exactly what we need right now – a little reminder that even in tough times, we can still find joy in life’s details.

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Louis Vuitton has also placed great emphasis on this in its shoe collection. Small but fine details that make up the sophistication of the shoe. No matter if it is the pattern, the structure, the materials or the colors of the selected models. With this, Louis Vuitton has loaded a very human hit in terms of marketing, and made you want to live. Just what we need now.

Peggy Gou’s partnership with Louis Vuitton for the Fall/Winter shoe collection is a perfect match, with Peggy’s stylish, cool, and creative vibe perfectly complementing the Louis Vuitton shoe designs. The video featuring Peggy and the collection is a stunning display of fashion and art that captures the essence of what we all need right now – a reminder to stop and appreciate the world around us.

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