Hey guys, we got another Sit in on Friday coming for you today with Noah Klein blessing us with a lush overlay of RnB vocals, ambient synths and lively electronic beats. Noah is what one would call a global citizen, growing up on three different continents, and recently having moved from London to Paris and eventually to Berlin. Music is what grounds him, what gives him a home. Today he is performing songs from his latest EP “Reflections” in which he opens up about his scars, his sensitivities, and reflects on his upbringing in a deeply vulnerable way.

Through his music Noah has created his own dream world full of love, nostalgia, friendship and acceptance of himself and his surroundings. Read our interview below.

1. First of all, of course, we want to know from you what True Identity means to you ?

Growing up I reflected a lot on my identity but overthinking it didn’t help me much. Things came more natural to me when I just did the things I loved.

2. What is your first memory or experience of music ?

Listening to Bing Crosby and singing with my family on christmas

3. Why did you start making music ?

My sister always picked up new instruments but gave up playing them quite quickly. I wanted to be better than her, so I started playing piano, guitar, bass and violin.

4. What inspires you most about the city you’re living ? And what did the city add to your individual sound ?

Berlin is so affordable that people have a more healthy attitude towards their choice of career. Everyone’s taking it a bit more easy, letting some years pass doing their own thing and enjoying their youth. I only really realized this after having lived in more expensive cities like London or Paris. There is more space to breath and express your true creativity here.

Anything goes in Berlin. So I’ve learned that I canything I want in my music too.

5. How do you think your journey has shaped you so far ?

I never wanted to settle. I always changed something in my life every three to six months or so. These attempts of discovery made me understand myself better and keep the values I believe in. I now know to keep my friends and family close, take breaks regularly and realize that everyday is a new day.

6. When do you feel most creative and most inspired to make music ?

When everyone else is sleeping, either really early or really late. I’ve always found it’s a special time and you feel like you’re the only one thinking about stuff.

7. We have all been isolated since the middle of March. How has the quarantine treated you ?

I spent more time than ever with my dog and with my roommates. This was great. Also I made a lot of new music, released two singles as well as a six-track EP and hosted a vernissage.

8. And how does the current situation in the world influence your creative process? What are your musical or creative goals for the next few years ?

Since there are no live concerts, I’m focussing a lot more on producing, mixing and songwriting in sessions with local musicians and producers in Berlin. There are some collabs I am super excited to release soon. I really love how the creative process changes when working together with other musicians. So this is what I’ll keep improving.

9. Was there a musical experience, a concert or a performance that touched your soul?

Bon Iver always does it.

10. If you could speak to yourself in the past, what would you say to you?

Lottery numbers!