Sirens’ Lament: A Haunting Poem by Nele Brack

Nele Brack’s haunting poem, “Sirens’ Sweet Songs,” explores the seductive power of these mythical creatures and the consequences of succumbing to their alluring call. With vivid imagery and a foreboding tone, Brack warns of the sirens’ true intentions, revealing their frustration with humanity and their desire for revenge. As readers are drawn deeper into the poem, they are confronted with uncomfortable truths about their own actions and their role in the sirens’ wrath. Prepare to be mesmerized and chilled by this captivating work of poetry.

a poem by Nele Brack

sirens singing sweet sweet songs

making you their weak little prey

sirens wanted you all along

knew you would take this way

sirens are fed up with you

with your whole entire pack

when you do the things you do

what did you expect?

on this stormy summer day

your fate is set my dear

mens flesh is so sweet they say

especially when in fear

you gaze upon the youngest skin

lick your lips and show your tongue

dont you know thats all a sin?

are you still trying to run?

sirens know everything you did and said and felt and thought

so nemesis is here to play

shes not going to let you go

without making you pay

Sirens will make you see

you really made your own bed

we’ll drag you into the deep deep sea

of all the tears you made us shed