The Digital Artworks of Sam Madhu: Feminism, Futurism and South Asian Beauty

This interview was featured in our most recent issue, TITLE(D) #6: The Global Passport.

Sam Madhu is a digital artist living between Berlin and India. Originally from Chennai, she studied design & technology at Parsons School of Design, New York City. She works with CGI programs to create artworks inspired by feminism, futurism, and South Asian beauty.

Personal Information

If you could rename yourself, what would it be? 

Maya. I like short names packed with meaning.

What would your avatar look like? 

She’d have waist-length shocking pink hair, dark brown skin, grey eyes, and wear all-black latex. I used to love anime growing up.

What’s your launching date? 

Not sure what this means. 

What’s your emotional age? 


What’s your spirit animal? 


Where is home? 

Berlin and Chennai.

Travel Information

What’s the place where you feel like you can be you? 

With my friends or family.

What has informed the direction of your path? 

Impulsive decisions.

What was the last border you crossed? 

My usual flight from Chennai through Doha to Berlin.

How and where have you been stamped? 

I have a mushroom on my arm which I’m terribly embarrassed about, but it also helps me face my inner cringe.

Personal Journey Information

How and where does your privilege manifest? 

My family adores me and would do anything to support me.

How do you connect? 

I approach someone if I like their work. I’m pretty friendly and I put people at ease. I can be very charming when I don’t overthink. It’s because I’m a triple Libra.

What food warms your soul, or reminds you of home? 

My mother’s South Indian fish fry! With a warm dal and some fluffy white rice. And sweet yams.

Can you name a happy accident you’ve had? 

I accidentally manifested coming to Berlin and it happened very quickly.